2013-14 Austin Toros Season Review

Cross-Posted from As the 2013 -2014 NBA D-League season comes to a close, teams are looking back at the season along with their rosters and doing one of two things.  They are looking at what adjustments they need to make as they begin their journey in to the playoffs or they are evaluating their […]

Spurs Continue Their Run of Excellence

Building a team to contend for a title for a five to seven year window is a daunting task for any organization.  But imagine what is required to build a team that can maintain that excellence for over a decade and a half. With the San Antonio Spurs' 122-104 victory over the Utah Jazz on […]

Title Contenders: Buy or Sell

During the course of the first half of the season, people were ready to book tickets for various teams such as the Indiana Pacers, the Miami Heat and Oklahoma City Thunder; while at the same time ready to write off the San Antonio Spurs. The Houston Rockets and the Golden State Warriors were placed in […]

Could this week be ‘proving ground’ for healthy Spurs?

For the San Antonio Spurs, having the “Big Three” of Manu Ginobili, Tim Duncan and Tony Parker along with other key players missing time is almost like a trip to the dentist.  You know it is going to happen, and you do your best to deal with it. Through the first half of the 2013-2014 […]

Spurs Can’t Play Against Elite Teams: Myth Busted?

Before the NBA All-Star break, it was a common belief that the San Antonio Spurs' window for winning one last title for Tim Duncan was beginning to close. Media members were pointing to the poor record the team had against the elite teams during the first half of the season as proof.  Now with recent […]

Will It Soon Be Raining 4s in the AT&T Center?

Looking at the NBA current leaders in three point shooting percentage, you can’t help but notice a few things. First, the top ten shooters percentages are separated by 5% (46.9 – 41.9%) and that you have to go down to the twenty-seventh shooter on the list before you get to someone who is shooting below […]

Spurs Keep Their Focus on the Big Picture

When you have a streak of making the playoffs for fifteen straight seasons, a coach is able to take a few liberties that your typical NBA head coach may not take. One example would be sending your three best players home to rest before a nationally televised game with the defending champions and still almost […]

Tony Parker Enjoyed the All-Star Experience In New Orleans

While NBA fans enjoy seeing the leagues elite/popular stars going against each other in the glorified scrimmage where defense is optional for three and a half quarters, the San Antonio Spurs were watching the game thinking, please don’t let Tony Parker tweak his back or have another injury. Parker returns to the Spurs, as the […]

Spurs trading for Turner an unlikely scenario

While visions of Evan Turner may be dancing around in the head of San Antonio Spurs fans due to recent trade rumors, it appears that the team's extended run of success is coming back to hinder them. As Bill Ingram discussed in his recent chat on “Yes, I’ve seen that rumor, coming from Ken […]

Wizards’ Gortat: There’s nothing like beating the Spurs, Popovich

A team knows they are viewed among the NBA elite when opponents are stating there is nothing better than getting a victory against them. Although it may appear to the contrary, teams are not only getting fired up to play against the San Antonio Spurs but the victories are something to be savored. However, a […]

Tim Duncan: “The Big Fundamental”

Throughout NBA history there are few nicknames that completely suited the player that it was given to. There is Earvin “Magic” Johnson, his “Airness” Michael Jordan and, San Antonio Spurs own, “The Admiral” David Robinson. Tim Duncan has entered that realm with the “Big Fundamental”. All that Duncan does is provide you with a quiet […]

Tracy McGrady Taking His Cuts With the Sugar Land Skeeters?

All of us remember that “Be like Mike” commercial from when a lot of us were younger. (Please take a second to look at the Gatorade bottle to see how long we have been wanting to be like him.) For former San Antonio Spurs player Tracy McGrady, it seems he still hasn’t gotten desire out of […]

Point Guard Play: How the West Will Be Won

With the 2014 NBA All-Star game coming up on February 14th, a quick glance at the point guards who made the roster for both teams yields that a bulk of the talent resides in the Western Conference.  Cliff Brunt, an AP writer, shares his thoughts on six point guards who are leading their teams towards […]


Shannon Brown: Is the Risk Worth the Reward?

Looking at the San Antonio Spurs bench, one thing becomes clear; the Spurs have placed a high value on having players that shoot from the perimeter over players who rely strictly on their athletic ability. During the past couple of playoffs, this lack of athleticism has came back to haunt them. The Oklahoma City Thunder's […]

Spurs Keeping an Eye on the Big Picture

For most teams, poor showings against other title contenders would be a reason to raise the red flag for both the organization and the head coach.  When you have a fifteen year streak of reaching the playoffs, as Gregg Popovich and the San Antonio Spurs do, you are able to take a few liberties that […]

Spurs’ Biggest Bench Threat: Patty Mills

During the last two seasons, the San Antonio Spurs’ bench has been a tale of two benches.  In the regular season, the bench has looked like world beaters by getting victories against playoff contenders without “the Big Three” of Tony Parker, Manu Ginobili and Tim Duncan.  During the playoffs though “the Big Three” have been […]

Could the NBA Say Good Bye to Divisions?

Viewing the NBA standings you can’t but help and notice that only four of the teams in the Eastern Conference have a winning record as opposed eight teams in the Western Conference. With the Toronto Raptors leading the Atlantic division with a 16-16, a possible solution maybe to get rid of divisions and seed teams […]

Kyrie Irving Injury Shows Why Spurs Keep the Bench Ready

At the beginning of every season, each team makes a quick glance to the basketball and does a quick prayer to hope that no dramatic injuries happen to their star players. If a superstar does go down it’s the next man up according to NBA law.  Along with the maneuvers to see if they can […]

Charlotte reveals new Hornets logos

Even before Tom Benson made the announcement that the Hornets would be re-branding themselves as the Pelicans, fans in Queen City have been longing for the Hornets name to be returned to the Queen City. As of December 21, 2013, the folks in the Queen City will finally get their wish.  The Charlotte Hornets will […]

Doc and Pop an Unlikely Pair

Last Monday’s game between the San Antonio Spurs and the Los Angeles Clippers show showcased a pair coaches who appear to have taken completely different paths to achieve coaching success but share common beliefs that have been critical to their success. Ben Bolch of the LA Times, delved in to comparing the Coach Greg Popovich […]