Western Conference Matchups

The San Antonio Spurs and Memphis Grizzlies will kick off their first round series this Sunday in San Antonio and we here at Project Spurs have been breaking down the series. However, what about the other series and the teams that can possibly meet the Spurs down the road? Let’s take a look at the […]

The Anatomy of Being Wrong

Have you ever tried pretzel M&Ms? They’re M&Ms, but with a bit of pretzel in the middle, instead of chocolate or a peanut. Four days ago, I was telling someone a story about Mark Hamill on the set of Star Wars, and saw someone else with a bag of M&Ms. Without thinking – or asking […]

Two factors: the Big Three and the Spurs Youth

Is it fair to say right off the bat that the San Antonio Spurs won’t win a title this year? Are we ready for that? Is that too un-politically correct for a Spurs site? OK how about this: I’m more certain this season than I have been in any previous season that the Spurs will […]

2010-2011 Western Conference Preview

It was a Saturday afternoon, I was lying in bed sick with the flu, staring up at a ceiling fan blade still spinning four and a half minutes after it had been turned off, and I was considering the nature of the article you’re reading now. Western Conference Preview. I pondered the premise and feelings […]

Estimating minutes and the rotation

Rotations are a difficult thing to predict, mainly because injury and the natural hot streaks and slumps of players will inevitably disrupt whatever projection all-knowing sites such as ours conjure up. Potential inaccuracy aside, a Project Spurs fan asked for us to break down the roster and predict estimated minutes and a rough rotation for […]

David Robinson: The Gold Standard of Olympic Basketball

Editor’s note: Recently, the Basketball Hall of Fame inducted the 1992 Dream Team which included former San Antonio Spurs’ legend, David Robinson. To honor Robinson, Jordan Rivas makes the point that Robinson was the best Olympic player ever to wear the red, white and blue jersey. Enjoy. I remember, clearly, watching the 2002 FIBA World […]


In defense of defensiveness

Fans are biased. Fans are not fair, they are not objective, they are not logical. Fandom and bias are inherently linked. Fans are driven by, and labeled for, their unrelenting loyalty to their team. Objective assertions of a team’s faults or shortcomings do not serve fandom, therefore they have, for the most part, been eliminated […]


A Fitting End

Swept. Ousted in as short a time as possible, floundering in the final minutes of what would inevitably become a game four loss, with more of a chance than they deserved, the totality of the Spurs’ loss was more apparent than the Suns’ victory. It was a fitting end, I told a friend and fellow […]

Western Conference Playoff Match Ups

At 7PM, central time, on TNT the Spurs will tip off game one of their opening round match up versus the Dallas Mavericks. As a proper Spurs fan we wouldn’t expect you to watch any other game in place of this one, if you had to choose only one. Thankfully, the profit minded folks at […]


Dynastically Unsound: Part I

Today Project Spurs will be looking back at the Spurs’ title run beginning in 1999 and ending in 2007. Many say the Spurs’ championship run places them among the great NBA dynasties, while others say the Spurs’ championship run should not be considered a dynasty. To discuss this topic, Jordan Rivas and Lance Fell will […]


Are Spurs Fans Spoiled?

SPOIL: “4 a : to impair the disposition or character of by overindulgence or excessive praise b : to pamper excessively : coddle” How, exactly, does a person become spoiled? When I began approaching the question of are Spurs fans being spoiled, I began contemplating the meaning of the condition. I started considering how it […]


Then and Now: Tim Duncan

There’s a fascinating metamorphosis that takes place when someone persists at something for an extended period of their life. They absorb a remarkable level of depth and insight in what they do. It’s a peculiar thing that’s difficult to quantify, but it’s a decided shift that takes place in perspective, and directly translates to ability, […]


Then and Now: George Hill

George Hill has been with the Spurs for two years – only two years. The apparent liquidity of our theme and redact-ability of our subject matter must be spilling over your monitor as you read this. I know – we’re stretching it. Stay with me for about three more paragraphs and you’ll see where we’re […]

Then and Now: Manu Ginobili

Over the course of a player’s career, things can change. Even from one year to the next their performance can fluctuate and our expectations can shift. We find the metamorphosis fascinating. We’ve had the chance to watch a few Spurs players progress through their first steps in the league until now. Some turned out how […]