‘We reached our limit’

Following a devastating loss in the Western Conference Finals after leading the series 2-0, San Antonio Spurs head coach Gregg Popovich addressed the media in an attempt to define what went wrong: ”We faced a team that beat us fair and square. We reached our limit,” Popovich said. Pop, famous for his…shall we say, brevity…has […]

Spurs’ season: Boom or bust?

How do you measure success?  For a team that has been to the top and back again, the bar is high. Almost impossibly high.  With a bottle of Irish Whiskey to dull the pain, I had this debate with a friend following the Game Six loss.  It’s a heated debate – emotional, educational, and regrettable. […]

Sean Marks’ new role with the Spurs

Sean Marks may have retired from playing, but he hasn’t retired from basketball.  The former Spur and member of the 2005 championship team has taken a position with the San Antonio Spurs front office and is loving every minute of it.  A website from his native New Zealand recently spoke with him about it: “They’ve […]

What the Spurs are doing that the Lakers, Mavs couldn’t

It’s the marquee matchup of the playoffs that many say will determine who will be NBA champions. Along their respective journeys to the Western Conference Finals, the Oklahoma City Thunder have faced arguably tougher opponents than the San Antonio Spurs, vanquishing the defending champ Dallas Mavericks and the venerable Los Angeles Lakers on their finals […]

The Spurs’ young guns

Don’t let people tell you that the San Antonio Spurs are old. It’s a wives tale, urban legend, a myth. Sure, the perennial leaders of our team, Tim Duncan, Manu Ginobili, are seeing the sun approach the horizon of their respective careers.  But the Spurs are not old. With an average age of 27.29 the Spurs […]

Threats in the West

The San Antonio Spurs will face a revamped roster of Western Conference foes in this lockout-shortened season.  Blockbuster trades in an abbreviated offseason have drastically altered the competitive landscape of not only perennial leaders but of up and coming challengers to the Western Conference elite.  Let’s take a look at the top four threats the […]


Loss of season opener leads to Bucks media lament

The lockout has officially had its first casualty.  The San Antonio Spurs were slated to face off against the Milwaukee Bucks last night in the 2011-2012 season home opener.   And while many were feeling the opening day depression thanks to the NBA lockout, across the continent, from the forgotten great state of Wisconsin itself, Bucks’ […]

Battier: Good fit for the Spurs?

Recently, Shane Battier of the Memphis Grizzlies spoke to the media about his free agency and what he expects as an aging 10-year veteran in the NBA: “Unfortunately, I’m not going to get the wine-and-dine period that usually accompanies free agency, into a routine,” At 33 years old, the question arises, would Battier make a […]


Tiago trains with Tim

As the NBA lockout lingers on, players are on their own to find ways to prepare for an abbreviated season that could begin at any time.  And as Manu Ginobili seems to be heading to San Antonio to train with Tim Duncan, this week Duncan took the opportunity to take San Antonio Spurs’ Tiago Splitter […]

Spurs Twitter Roundup: NYC, sea lions, bromance and more

Welcome to the latest installment of the San Antonio Spurs Twitter Roundup.  As the lockout continues, and basketball activity wanes, the guys are doing a lot of traveling and vacationing…and tweeting about it all.  Also some philosophizing (more on that later).   Danny Green to New YorkGreen is leaving San Antonio for a little while:DGreen_14 Finally home…celebrating […]

Spurs Twitter Roundup: Missing Hill, bachelorhood, and more

It has been an eventful couple of weeks for the San Antonio Spurs as they add new players through the draft, traded away a fan favorite in George Hill and not to mention the NBA lockout. As far as the trade of Hill, the players reacted to this news as well via their personal Twitter […]

Should Spurs target Aaron Gray?

New Orleans Hornets big man Aaron Gray has informed his team that he will be opting out of his contract and testing the waters of free agency: The New Orleans Hornets lost another player to unrestricted free agency Monday afternoon when backup center Aaron Gray informed the team he was opting out of the last […]

Spurs Twitter Roundup: Working out, BBQ’s, and more

It’s officially the offseason for NBA basketball.  San Antonio Spurs players are hanging out, working out, and putting it all on Twitter!“I don’t know if you heard me counting but I did over a thousand.”   The guys are gettin’ after it. DGreen_14, @stevenovak20 for the tough workout 2day. They out here helping me get my […]

Spurs Twitter Roundup: Vegas, pizza, chores, and more

This is a new feature at Project Spurs in which we take a fun look at the Twitter accounts of the San Antonio Spurs players.  Twitter can provide some interesting and humorous insight into the personal lives of the players as they give us a few details of what they do off the court.  So […]

Show me the money

This was an expensive season for the San Antonio Spurs.  At just over $69 million, the Spurs shelled out enough to put them in the top fifteen highest paid teams in the NBA.  With many questions surrounding the team after a disappointing early exit from the playoffs, many are wondering what changes the team can […]

Splitter’s transition in review

At the dawn of the NBA season, the most anticipated addition to the 2010-2011 San Antonio Spurs was unquestionably the Spanish league’s most valuable player, Tiago Splitter.  However, the unexpected performance of undrafted rookie Gary Neal (call me Nostradamus) quickly out-shadowed the Splitter hype.  We wrote extensively, and perhaps prematurely (hey, it was a slow […]

McDyess on the rise?

In recent weeks, San Antonio Spurs fans have seen a change at the starting center position.  In lieu of the scrappy DeJuan Blair, head coach Gregg Popovich has opted to go with the veteran Antonio McDyess.  Blair exited the starting rotation in the early-March dismantling of the Spurs at the hands of the Los Angeles […]

Fan Poll Results: Can The Spurs Continue Their Winning Ways?

In December, Project Spurs asked our readers whether or not the San Antonio Spurs would be able to continue their hot streak into 2011.  Well the poll results are in, and by the most lopsided of margins, the fans clearly believe the Spurs can parlay their 2010 play into stretch-run success. 96.5% of respondents answered […]

The West’s Best: Then and Now

Hindsight is twenty-twenty they say, but looking back on the preseason predictions it is clear now that the NBA’s best prognosticators had a few things wrong in their crystal ball image of the 2010-2011 Western Conference.  Halfway through the regular season, some trends are starting to emerge that are in stark contrast to the best […]