Video: As a rookie, Tony Parker says Duncan used to tell him to add the word ‘croissant’ when calling plays

While in China promoting his line of sneakers, PEAK, San Antonio Spurs’ Tony Parker took time to have a Q&A with his fans.

Parker opened up about many topics including his rocky start with Tim Duncan, winning the 2014 NBA title, playing with Manu Ginobili and Duncan and more.

Speaking of Duncan, during the interview, Parker admits during his rookie season, TD used to make fun of his French accent especially when Parker was calling out plays for the team. According to Parker, Duncan used to tell him to add the word “croissant” when calling plays.

Also in the video, Parker opened up about coach Popovich saying he and Pop share a passion for wine and food and off the court he isn’t the grumpy old  man the media sees.

It’s a long video but well worth the time including the host challenging Parker to a “steal-off.” (more…)

Video: Tim Duncan joins 1250 ESPN SA’s ‘The Hardline’, says Hawks’ Ferry isn’t a racist

San Antonio Spurs’ Tim Duncan made a rare guest appearance and joined 1250 ESPN SA’s “The Hardline” to talk some NBA before the start of the new season.

And right off the bat, Duncan weighed in on the Danny Ferry alleged racist-issues surrounding the Hawks. TD basically defended his former teammate and says any allegations of Ferry being a racist is not true. He also hopes this issue gets resolved fast.

Duncan also chimed in on David Robinson being the best player in Spurs history, being tired of being asked about retirement, sharing the 2014 NBA championship jubilation with his kids to Duncan just showing a different side of his personality, this interview is one for all fans to enjoy. (more…)

Video: Team play is important to Kyle Anderson

San Antonio Spurs rookie Kyle Anderson spoke with Scott Layden at the NBA’s Rookie Tip-Off event and he made it very clear – team play is the most important thing to him.

As if we didn’t need another reason to now Anderson was made to be a member of the Spurs. (more…)

Video: Kawhi Leonard says at 15-years old, he knew he was NBA bound

When he wasn’t playing MTV’s Rob Dyrdek with huge hand gloves, San Antonio Spurs’ Kawhi Leonard sat down with Dyrdek to talk about what else… basketball.

Kawhi, who is normally soft-spoken and reserved, opened up quite a bit during the interview and touched on a lot of topics.

In the interview, Leonard revealed he was about 8-years old when he started to have a passion for the game and at 15-years old he says he knew he was NBA bound. (more…)

photos via 94 Feet of Greatness

A look at the alternate colorways for the PEAK TP9-II line of sneakers

A quick look at San Antonio Spurs’ Tony Parker’s new line of PEAK sneakers, TP9-II, were recently revealed. They were the basic black and white look but now it’s your chance to get a sneak peek at the alternate colorways for the upcoming line of kicks thanks to San Antonio’s own 94 Feet of Greatness, […]

Video: Patty Mills caught singing in his car

San Antonio Spurs’ Patty Mills is known for his deadly outside shooting and quickness on the court, but maybe not for his vocal talents.

While Mills was driving around in his home country of Australia, he was caught in the act, signing along to Smokey Robinson’s “The Track of my Tears” complete with a make-shift microphone. (more…)


Seahawks QB Russell Wilson tries to emulate Tony Parker’s playing style

One would think playing the quarterback position in the NFL would be totally different from playing point guard in the NBA. But when you get right down to it, the two positions have their similarities. Both positions require leadership attributes, a high sports IQ, decision-making skills, and making the right play at the right time to […]

Video: Tony Parker says it’s the right season for first repeat

The San Antonio Spurs have five NBA titles in franchise history but never have defended their crown. And as the new season is inching closer, the Spurs have yet another shot at repeating for the first time in club history.

Tony Parker sat with Yahoo! France to discuss the team’s chances at repeating.

From the team coming back pretty much in tact, coach Gregg Popovich’s direction at training camp to whether or not Tim Duncan will retire after this season, No. 9 opens up. (more…)

Video: Tony Parker nails an incredible behind-the-back shot from half court

San Antonio Spurs’ Tony Parker got in one more exhibition game in France right before Spurs training camp is set to begin.

Playing in the Appart City Cup exhibition game, Parker’s team beat Paris-Levallois 115 to 99. Parker finished with six points to pace his team to the win.

However, the play of the game happened before tipoff as Parker nailed an incredible shot from half court. (more…)

Video: Matt Bonner’s 2013-14 highlights

With training camp drawing near, the San Antonio Spurs will start the defense of their NBA title. For the most part, everyone from last season’s title team is back including Matt Bonner!

Bonner played a solid role in helping the Spurs win title No. 5 in franchise history thanks to his deadly 3-point shooting.

Check out some on Bonner’s best moments from last season including some nifty drives to the rim proving he isn’t a one-dimensional player. (more…)


Hawks coach Budenholzer leaning on his time with Spurs as he becomes a GM

The Hawks are wading through some rough waters right now. The team saw their owner, Bruce Levenson, remove himself over alleged racist remarks and saw former Spur, Danny Ferry, take a leave of absence as GM over alleged racist remarks made in a scouting report. Needless to say, this probably wasn’t what Hawks head coach (and […]