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Talking the state of the Spurs with ‘The Big E Sports Show’

Elissa Walker Campbell of Yahoo! Sports’ “The Big E Sports Show” invited Project Spurs’ Jeff Garcia to talk the state of the San Antonio Spurs as the half way point of the NBA season nears.

After the brutal December which saw the Spurs face the best-of-the-best in the West and end with one of the worst records in December in Tim Duncan’s career, how are the Spurs looking now?

Also, the two talk about the injury bug hitting the Spurs, the play of Cory Joseph and much more. Take a listen and follow Elissa on Twitter.


5 things to watch: Spurs vs. Wolves

The San Antonio Spurs (22-15) will visit the Minnesota Timberwolves (5-30) tonight. The Spurs are coming off a 100-95 win over the Suns in San Antonio. Danny Green led the Spurs with 20 points and 4 rebounds. Manu Ginobili left with 6:45 remaining in the first half. Ginobili, who did not return to the bench, suffered […]


5 things to watch: Spurs vs. Suns

The San Antonio Spurs (21-15) will host the Phoenix Suns (22-16) tonight in the AT&T Center. The Spurs are coming off a 104-105 loss to the Pistons. The Spurs blew a double-digit lead to the Pistons only to see Brandon Jennings score the winning bucket with seconds left in the game. Jeff Ayres led the […]


Davis Bertans: ‘I got lucky that my rights got traded to San Antonio’

San Antonio Spurs’ foreign prospect, forward Davis Bertans, is making huge strides overseas playing for Spanish club Laboral Kuxta. His offense is developing rapidly as his outside shot is falling consistently, his aggressiveness going to the rim is increasing and his assist-skills are improving. Need proof, just watch this video. Bertans is averaging 12.5 points, 2.9 […]

San Antonio Spurs v Golden State Warriors

Final: Spurs 104, Pistons 105: Postgame Podcast

AT&T CENTER – The San Antonio Spurs (21-15) lost to the Detroit Pistons (11-23) 104-105 tonight at home off a last second layup by Brandon Jennings.

Jennings (13 points) was able to make the go-ahead bucket off a botched in-bound play which saw the Spurs turn the ball over and free Jennings for the game-winning bucket.

The Spurs coughed up an 18-point lead to the Pistons despite the fact the Spurs scored a season-high first quarter points (37) and saw the return of Tony Parker who scored three points in just 12 minutes of play.

“This is not the first time in the history of the NBA that anyone has given up a lead,” said Popovich. “It happens frequently in the league because there is a 24 second clock, people make shots and miss shots, and people turn it over. It is not remarkable at all.”

The Spurs were up three points in the waning moments of the game with the Spurs when coach Gregg Popovich called for a foul on the Pistons. When questioned about the call, Pop simply said, “Because I wanted to.” (more…)


Halftime Podcast: Spurs vs. Pistons

AT&T CENTER – The San Antonio Spurs are leading the Detroit Pistons 58-49 at the half in San Antonio.

The Spurs are being led by Tim Duncan’s 13 points as well as Jeff Ayres’ 12 points off the bench. The Pistons are being led by Greg Monroe’s 14 points.

To breakdown the first half of the game, Project Spurs’ Jeff Garcia and Paul Garcia recap what went right and wrong for the Spurs in the first half and give second half adjustments the team needs to make to secure a win.


5 things to watch: Spurs vs. Pistons

The San Antonio Spurs (21-14) will host the surging Detroit Pistons (10-23), winners of 5-straight, at the AT&T Center for “Star Wars” night in San Antonio. The Spurs are coming off a 101-92 win over the Wizards. Cory Joseph set a new career-high in a half with 17 of his game-high 19 in the first half while  […]

Video: Davis Bertans shows his rapid offensive development

If the following video is any indication, San Antonio Spurs foreign prospect, forward Davis Bertans, is developing his offensive game quite rapidly.

Versus Olympiakos, Bertans put on an all-around offensive game, showing off his impressive range, ability to get to the rim, knack to find the open man and much more. However, the video did not show his defensive chops which he’ll need if he wants any shot at making it on the Spurs.

Check out Davis’ 17-point performance and leave your comments on your thoughts on this players stashed overseas. (more…)

Spurs Roundtable: Should we expect more from the Spurs? (Video)

We’re back!

On this brand new episode of the Spurs Roundtable powered by Project Spurs, the panel of Jeff Garcia, Chelsea Torres and Mariah Medina take a look back at the turbulent start of the new season for the San Antonio Spurs.

The team has been dealing with injuries, went through a horrific stretch of games versus the West’s best, and are sitting at the bottom of the West playoff seedings. Is it time for panic in San Antonio?

Also on the show, the panel looks at the Spurs competition, which team needs to be on the radar, and much more on this episode of the Spurs Roundtable. (more…)


Should the Spurs worry about Rondo now in Dallas?

Submitted by John Karalis of Red’s Army To truly determine the margin for error in the Western Conference, NASA scientists would need to unleash a laser that shaves hair off atoms. Single wins and losses could mean vaults or drops of three or four spots in the standings. Separation in the West is a difficult […]

Stuart Scott-PRK-031912

‘Cool As The Other Side Of The Pillow’

Editorial by D Hyrum Vaughn I’m going to break all of the rules of journalism in this article. I’m going to write it from the first-person, I’m going to allow my emotions to shine through, I’m not going to hide my biases, and I’m not going to worry about reaction. Why? Not because I don’t […]

Watch Cory Joseph make Kris Humphries look silly

San Antonio Spurs guard Cory Joseph has been filling in for Tony Parker and has been doing an admirable job. He was two points away from breaking his career-high in scoring versus the Wizards last night and steadied the Spurs with 19 points.

Oh and he also made Kris Humphries look foolish with this nifty ball fake while heading to the rim. (more…)


Spurs vs. Wizards: Halftime report

AT&T CENTER – The San Antonio Spurs and Washington Wizards are tied 58-58 at halftime.

The Spurs are being led by Cory Joseph’s 17 points off 7-7 shooting from the field. The Wizards are being led by John Wall’s 11 points.

To recap the first half, Project Spurs’ Jeff Garcia and Aaron Preine break down what went right and what went wrong in the first half of the game.