2014 NBA Finals - Game Five

5 things to watch: Spurs vs. Nets

The San Antonio Spurs (8-4) will return to San Antonio and host the Brooklyn Nets. The Spurs are coming off a 121-92 thrashing of Minnesota. The Spurs were led by Tony Parker’s 28 points while Danny Green chipped in 18 points in the win. Marco Belinelli returned to the court after nine game and scored […]


Splitter ‘upset’ and ‘stressed’ over recent calf injury

After a successful season and have a career-postseason numbers 7.5 points, and 6.1 rebounds in 22 minutes, San Antonio Spurs’ Tiago Splitter was probably hoping to duplicate that success this season. However, Splitter got hit with a calf injury which has only allowed him to play one game this season and there’s been no timetable […]


5 things to watch: Spurs vs. Wolves

The San Antonio Spurs (7-4) will look to get another road win as they face the Timberwolves (3-7) tonight in Minnesota. The Spurs are coming off a 92-90 road win over the Cavs.  Boris Diaw led the Spurs with 19 points, 7 assists, 6 rebounds and 3 steals in 39 minutes. The Wolves are coming off a […]

Matt Bonner, Cory Joseph, Danny Green, Aron Baynes

Is It Time For The Salary Cap To Go?

The NBA is making record profits, teams are selling for exorbitant amounts of money, ungodly television deals are lining the pockets of TV and league executives alike, and the sport is more popular than it has ever been.  Perhaps the time has come to address a question that is often avoided in professional sports—is it […]


Cuban Being Cuban, Jabs Spurs, Thunder

Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban is at it again. This time he is attempting to rile up the fan bases of their two most heated rivals, the Thunder and the San Antonio Spurs. In an interview with the Dallas Morning-News, Cuban suggested that the Thunder, with their early-season injuries to Russell Westbrook and Kevin Durant, […]

Kawhi vs Lakers

Video: Latest H-E-B commercial has the Spurs searching for slogans

What can be better than three new San Antonio Spurs H-E-B commercials? How about a fourth one! In the latest commercial spot, Manu Ginobili, Tim Duncan, Tony Parker, Patty Mills and Kawhi Leonard are tasked to come up with a new slogan for ice cream. Leave it to Duncan and Leonard to bring the laughs […]

Video: Gary Payton Says Dwight Howard Disliked By Many Players

Retired All-Star guard, Gary Payton holds nothing back when asked about the Houston Rockets’ Dwight Howard.

“I think he’s disliked by a lot of players now, they’re starting to dislike him a lot” says Payton. “Because what Dwight Howard does, you know, you see all the smiles and the antics, that’s getting on peoples’ nerves.”

So what do you think San Antonio Spurs fans? Is Howard just misunderstood or is he genuinely disliked by a growing number of players in the league? (more…)

Watch: Ryan Richards kills it on the court

Consider this a reminder of what could have been for San Antonio Spurs overseas prospect Ryan Richards.

According to Hoops Fix, Richards, who is now with Hungarian club BC Kormend, showed up in Leeds to get in some workouts at the Midnight Madness Leeds qualifier at Leeds Metropolitan University.

There, Ryan put on a show as he showed a wide array of post moves, quickness, outside shot, ball handling and a whole lot more. It’s enough to make Spurs fans wish he’d do that for San Antonio at the NBA Summer League. (more…)


5 things to watch: Spurs vs. Cavs

The San Antonio Spurs (6-4) will visit the new-look Cleveland Cavaliers (5-4), as well as reacquaint themselves with LeBron James after dispatching the Heat in last season’s NBA Finals. The Spurs are coming off a 100-75 thrashing of the Sixers at home. Matt Bonner scored 18 points to pace the Spurs in the win. The […]


Spurs Jesus forgives Facebook after recent troubles

At first it was Charles Barkley, but after regaining access to his Facebook page on Wednesday the infamous Spurs Jesus added Facebook to the list of those he has forgiven. Spurs Jesus, who asked that his real name be withheld, says that the series of events leading up to the reinstatement of his page were […]

Video: Tim Duncan can’t contain his ‘excitement’ in latest Foot Locker commercial

As if the latest San Antonio Spurs H-E-B videos weren’t enough to get you laughing, comes this new Foot Locker featuring “The Big Fundamental” himself, Tim Duncan.

In the commercial, two kids are super excited for the release of new sneakers featuring some of the NBA’s biggest stars called, “The Week of Greatness.”

Enter the often stoic Chicago’s Derrick Rose showing his “excitement” over the release of the new sneakers when he phones Duncan where he is very “excited” to the point he tops over a small plant.

Check out and prepare to laugh Spurs fans as Duncan is as “excited” as you will ever see him! (more…)

The new H-E-B Spurs commercials are here and they are hilarious

They’re back!

The famously hilarious San Antonio Spurs’ H-E-B commercials are here and they are a home run yet again!

Once again, Tim Duncan, Tony Parker and Manu Ginobili are featured including Patty Mills and Kawhi Leonard lending supporting roles.

From Duncan’s teammates cheering on him to wear a toga, Manu a guru in touch with the Earth to the team pushing Mills to say “barbie” in his Australian accent, these commercials will make you laugh. (more…)

Hawks’ DeMarre Carroll admits Atlanta trying to become ‘Spurs East’

Consistency. Champions. Title contenders. The gold standard of NBA franchises. Those are but a few words to describe the San Antonio Spurs and their excellency year in and year out. So it goes without saying, many NBA team look to copy the Spurs’ blueprint to the point other teams fire former assistant coaches. Such as […]

San Antonio Spurs v Houston Rockets

The Most Dominant Division in Basketball

Through nine games, the San Antonio Spurs find themselves with a record of 5-4.  This isn’t exactly where they’d like to be but given all the injury problems, the strength of schedule they’ve faced, the three sets of back-to-backs they’ve already had, and the number of road games they’ve already played, combined with their propensity […]


5 things to watch: Spurs vs. 76ers

The San Antonio Spurs (5-4) will finally return to the AT&T Center and host the win-less Philadelphia 76ers (0-9). The Spurs recently went 3-1 on a road trip though California. The Spurs lost to the Kings 91-94 in Sacramento. Manu Ginobili led the Spurs with 21 points on 15 shots, 5 assists, 4 rebounds, and 3 […]