Top 5 Spurs Rookie Seasons

With DeJuan Blair’s impressive preseason (14.2 points, 7.8 rebounds, 61.4% shooting in 18.6 minutes) fans are speculating what kind of year he might have. If you peruse the message boards you will see some people declare him a Rookie of the Year candidate or that he will average a double-double. Now, while both are those […]

End Of The Bench

The Spurs roster currently lists 17 names, meaning at least two will be gone come the start of the season. They might even cut three people and start the season with 14 players. We’ll take a look at the players on the edge and try to determine who will probably make the roster. The Spurs […]

End of the Week Links 10/10/09

ESPN – Marc Stein discusses the Spurs decision to go all-in during the offseason. I especially enjoyed Manu Ginobili’s quote at the end of the article. ESPN –  John Hollinger released his PER projections for the entire league. I thought it was interesting that his projections only have the Big Three topping 15, which is […]

The Irresistable Nature of Potential

I try to resist the draw each time. I tell myself that it’s not worth it. That it will only result in heartbreak and disgust. That the last time was really the last time. Of course both you and I know that last time was not the last time. I’m like a lover that won’t […]

End of the Week Links 10/3/09

Training camp is finally here and that means the season is just around the corner. It also means the articles about the Spurs are more interesting. There are some great links in here. Express-News – Jeff McDonald discusses James Gist’s absence from training camp. Paradoxically, it’s because the Spurs think he is an NBA player. […]

Spurs Cracked Open Their Championship Window But For How Long?

After the Dallas Mavericks easily dispatched the Manu-less Spurs in five games in the first round of last year’s playoffs, the general consensus from media and fans around the league was that the Spurs championship window with this current team was closing fast. Despite winning their division, the Spurs never looked like a dominant team […]

Top 5 Spurs Rivals

Every good story has a protagonist and an antagonist. There is a conflict with the good guys on one side and the bad guys on the other. Eventually a resolution is reached. Usually in our culture it’s the good guy who comes out on top but this is not always true. Sports are no different. […]

End of the Week Links 9/13/2009

With David Robinson’s induction to the Hall of Fame, I’ve broken this edition of Spurs links into two groups: Robinson related links and Spurs related links. Enjoy. Robinson San Antonio Business Journal – It is a short interview with Robinson but his character shines through like always. Ball Don’t Lie – Kelly Dwyer watches might […]

Was David Robinson Soft?

We continue with David Robinson tribute week here at Project Spurs with a look at the “soft” label given to him during his playing career.    David Robinson’s list of accomplishments is lengthy, including rebounding, blocked shots and scoring titles to go with the Defensive Player of the Year and MVP award.  He is the only […]

End of The Week Links 9/5/2009 – The links are heavy this week with David Robinson and Bruce Bowen articles. This one about David Robinson sums up his career nicely. There will never be another player in the NBA like Robinson. I feel luck to have witnessed him in person. Express-News – Buck Harvey gives Bruce Bowen a nice farewell […]

Was Bruce Bowen A Dirty Player?

Bruce Bowen’s retirement was probably met with cheers from around the league, including both opposing players and fans. The cheers were probably the loudest in Phoenix. With Bowen retiring, it is only fitting to look back and try to decide his legacy. Unfortunately it is a legacy that is up for debate. On one hand […]

Ginobili’s Top 5 Games

Recently Project Spurs have looked at Tim Duncan’s and Tony Parker’s top five games, now it is time to look at Manu Ginobili.  The Argentine elicits mixed reactions from around the league. Many people dislike him for flopping and embellishing contact, but it is hard to deny his many unique talents.  Ginobili might be the only […]

Parker’s Top 5 Games

Last week Project Spurs looked at Tim Duncan’s top five games of his career.  There were requests to see a list of Tony Parker and Manu Ginobili’s top five games as well, so today we will look at Parker’s. Parker has come a long way since his first couple seasons in the league.  He was an inconsistent […]

End of the Week Links 8-28

Bleacher Report – They are previewing 30 teams in 30 days and recently looked at the Spurs. Most of the preview centered around the addition of Richard Jefferson. They did not mention the return of a healthy Manu Ginobili, who should have just as big of an impact. Express News – Jeff McDonald discusses how […]

Duncan’s Top 5 Games

Today we are looking at Tim Duncan’s five best games including the playoffs. As always, I found my information on They have this nifty stat called Game Score that was created by John Hollinger to give each performance a rating. While not a perfect stat, it is a good starting point, and I used […]