End of the Week Links 12/12 – The blogosphere has been abuzz about Tim Duncan’s sweet kicks. So that’s what it takes for people to talk about Duncan. I kid. I kid. Bleacher Report – What is Robert Kleeman doing saying the Spurs are done and that Duncan is old! If I ever see that sonofa…oh, it’s satire? My bad. […]

End of the Week Links 12/5

Forbes – The decade is coming to a close and a number of “Best of the Decade” lists are coming out. Forbes looks at the best, and worst, sports franchises of the decade. I’ll give you one guess who comes out on top. Bleacher Report – Another top team of the decade list. Another selection […]

Reveling In The Spurs Offensive Depth

Amid the Spurs early season woes, heightened by injuries and a constantly changing lineup, a deep, talented offensive team has emerged. All of a sudden the Spurs have at least eight different players capable of scoring in double figures on a regular basis. At the end of last season they had maybe four. This offensive […]

End of the Week Links 11/28

PTR – If you click on one link this week make it this one. LatinD knocked this one out of the park. Take the time to try and absorb all his wonderful graphs and numbers. PTR – Fred Silva provided a great breakdown on how the Spurs successfully defended Brandon Jennings by determining who won […]

Determining When To Worry

I’m sure you know after the first 10 games of the Spurs new season, it was their worst start since 1996-1997 going 4-6. Though at the time of this post, the Spurs have beaten the Washington Wizards and the Milwaukee Bucks to improved to a 6-6 record.  But the poor start after a stellar offseason, it […]

End of the Week Links 11/21

KENS5 – Taking a look at where Roger Mason’s production has gone, and the answer is to George Hill. I did not realize this until I read the article, but Mason has a PER of 3. That’s ugly. The Oregonian – Malik Hairston is patiently waiting his opportunity with the Spurs. They haven’t done him […]

Assessing Richard Jefferson’s Aggressiveness

There were questions about how Richard Jefferson would fit into the Spurs offense when they traded for him over the summer. He started his career with the New Jersey Nets as a third option who made his name with his slashing ability. In more recent years he found himself carrying his team’s scoring load and […]

End of the Week Links 10/13

New York Times – The NYT jumps on the DeJuan Blair bandwagon. There was nothing really new in the article but it’s always great when the Times is writing a profile on Blair. Express-News – Buck Harvey discusses Manu Ginobili and his lack of a contract extension. It’s evident that the Spurs are rightfully hesitant […]


Is Michael Finley a Starter?

The season is still very young but the Spurs have already frustrated some fans by continuing to start Michael Finley and Matt Bonner. We’ve already discussed the pros and cons of starting Bonner, so it’s only appropriate that we take a look at Finley. This is Finley’s fifth season with the Spurs, and all totalled […]

Southwest Division Roundtable

Jim Eichenhofer from the New Orleans Hornets website organized a roundtable with writers from around the Southwest division. Yours truly was included. Check it out below and add your thoughts on the topics discussed. In terms of the team you cover, what is the biggest story to watch this season? Mark Followill, Mavericks TV broadcaster: […]

End of the Week Links 10/31/09

PTR – Wayne Vore explains why he is excited for this season. Even after the Chicago loss his points are still valid. 48MoH – People were worried that the Spurs would be without a defensive stopper on the perimeter. George Hill could be that player with his long arms and tenacious defense. Timothy Varner makes […]

Preview 09: Spotlight on Richard Jefferson

In every team’s existence there are moments that define the direction the team will head, a make-or-break point if you will. They come at pivotal moments in a franchise’s history. The Spurs had one of these pivotal moments this summer. After losing to the Dallas Mavericks in the first round of the playoffs, it was […]

End of the Week Links 10/24

Austin American-Statesman – Columnist Kirk Bohls waxes poetic about DeJuan Blair and how the Spurs capitalized on the rest of the NBA’s mistake. Express-News – The Blair articles continue! This time it’s Jeff McDonald telling us how the Spurs coaches are not trying to change Blair’s game yet while they learn what type of player […]

Patience Is A Virtue

It’s no secret that the Spurs tend to start slow and then bring things together with their famed second half surge during and after the Rodeo Road Trip. Yet each year it seems that fans start jumping overboard as soon as the Spurs get off to a slow start. Just remember, be patient. Patience and […]

Top 5 Spurs Rookie Seasons

With DeJuan Blair’s impressive preseason (14.2 points, 7.8 rebounds, 61.4% shooting in 18.6 minutes) fans are speculating what kind of year he might have. If you peruse the message boards you will see some people declare him a Rookie of the Year candidate or that he will average a double-double. Now, while both are those […]

End Of The Bench

The Spurs roster currently lists 17 names, meaning at least two will be gone come the start of the season. They might even cut three people and start the season with 14 players. We’ll take a look at the players on the edge and try to determine who will probably make the roster. The Spurs […]

End of the Week Links 10/10/09

ESPN – Marc Stein discusses the Spurs decision to go all-in during the offseason. I especially enjoyed Manu Ginobili’s quote at the end of the article. ESPN –  John Hollinger released his PER projections for the entire league. I thought it was interesting that his projections only have the Big Three topping 15, which is […]

The Irresistable Nature of Potential

I try to resist the draw each time. I tell myself that it’s not worth it. That it will only result in heartbreak and disgust. That the last time was really the last time. Of course both you and I know that last time was not the last time. I’m like a lover that won’t […]

End of the Week Links 10/3/09

Training camp is finally here and that means the season is just around the corner. It also means the articles about the Spurs are more interesting. There are some great links in here. Express-News – Jeff McDonald discusses James Gist’s absence from training camp. Paradoxically, it’s because the Spurs think he is an NBA player. […]