Los Angeles Lakers v Denver Nuggets, Game 6

Doris Burke is terrified of coach Pop

The Courier-Journal caught up with ESPN analyst and sideline reporter Doris Burke and that turned into a very fun conversation. She was asked many questions, but of course she was asked about interviewing players and coaches and of course San Antonio Spurs head coach Gregg Popovich came up. Here’s the question that was posed to […]


Ginobili applauds James Harden’s ‘Eurostep’

San Antonio Spurs shooting guard and sixth man extraordinaire Manu Ginobili came into the league with his now-patented Eurostep and hasn’t looked back since. The part he had to get used to is people calling it the “Eurostep” because that was just another move for him, he wasn’t trying to make it “happen” or become […]


AT&T Center to undergo major renovations

Bexar County has approved a massive budget to get the 12-year old AT&T Center some renovations. The number on that budget? $101.5 million. The Fan Shop is expected to get bigger and relocated, concourses in the charter level are expected to get expanded, there will be updated suite areas and fan improvements, as well as […]


Tony Parker is all in for Eurobasket 2015

San Antonio Spurs guard Tony Parker is all in for Eurobasket 2015. French team coach Vincent Collet said, “Ten minutes after the Eurobasket 2015 draw Tony Parker called me saying ‘I am in.’” That was a quick trigger on the phone call for Parker, but I guess I would be in that quick if I […]


Video of Kobe Bryant going off on his teammates has emerged. NSFW

Enjoy San Antonio Spurs fans! The Los Angeles Lakers are not doing too well right now with a 6-16 record. It’s gotten so bad that Magic Johnson even advised them to tank the rest of the year! Well, Kobe finally got super mad and went off on his teammates. That expletive-laced trash talking was fun. […]


Another day, another Spurs rap star

It would seem the San Antonio Spurs can’t stay out of the spotlight. After coach Popovich was mentioned in a song about “Always Winnin” Marco Belinelli goes and stars in an Italian rap song. Now, this was filmed over the offseason so don’t think Marco just popped over in between games and churned this out super […]


The Red Mamba just found the perfect company to represent

San Antonio Spurs’ Matt Bonner, or the Red Mamba as you might know him, has signed on to become the brand ambassador for the most perfect company ever. It’s not New Balance, it’s not a sandwich company (sorry Subway, Jersey Mike’s, Quiznos fans etc), but Big Red soft drink. For those that don’t know, Big Red […]


Mark Cuban has had some good ideas. This is not one of them

Dallas’ Mark Cuban has had some good ideas — that’s generally how you get rich — but his most recent one is probably not his best. He wants some conference realignment, which seems alright so far, but then he wants four Western teams and four Eastern teams to switch places. OK, this is still not […]

Video: Joey Crawford did something nice for San Antonio… you read that right

Long time NBA referee Joey Crawford visited Linton Elementary School to read to students. Yes, the same Joey Crawford who ejected San Antonio Spurs’ Tim Duncan for laughing on the bench and who has harassed the Spurs for years. Needless to say, Joey isn’t a fan favorite among Spurs fans.

Now it seems he’s mellowed out (at least in public) and doesn’t want kids to become “slugs” and instead wants them to be successful. If your mind is blown right now, I can’t say I blame you.

This is a guy who has a compilation of bad calls on YouTube with plenty more available for individual calls that are exceptionally horrific. I guess I’m just surprised that San Antonio didn’t use this opportunity as a PSA to show how bad people can be reformed. (more…)

San Antonio Spurs v Los Angeles Lakers

Gregg Popovich gives his all-time Spurs starting five & more

San Antonio Spurs head coach Gregg Popovich does a lot of interviews, but it seems a rather important one slipped through the cracks. When you click that link, you’ll likely have to translate it and that’s because it’s in Italian. The interview conducted was with Corriere Della Sera, an Italian newspaper based in Milan and […]