Spurscast 345: Kingslayer

King James fell once again to Kawhi Leonard and the San Antonio Spurs on Wednesday, making it four straight losses going back to Game Three of the 2014 NBA Finals. LeBron James fumbled away a last second opportunity, giving the Spurs seventh win of the season. Hosts Aaron Preine (@DukeOfBexar) and Jose Grijalva (@JRG1023) look back at the Cleveland game and share banter on the injury woes that are still hamstringing the defending champions on both ends of the court.

It’s the one and only Spurscast The original San Antonio Spurs Podcast.



Spurscast 344: Automatons

After dropping three of their first five games, the San Antonio Spurs steadied the ship with back-to-back wins over the Los Angeles Clippers and Golden State Warriors. The Spurs continue their early West Coast road trip today in Hollywood where they’ll take on Kobe Bean Bryant and the hysterically awful Los Angeles Lakers.

The Spurs will also visit the surprising Sacramento Kings on Saturday before returning back to the AT&T Center for a just single home game. They’ll have to hop another Southwest flight to Cleveland in order to take on the new-look Cavaliers.

Benjamin Bornstein (@THE_BOOMSTEIN) rejoins hosts Aaron Preine (@DukeOfBexar) and Jose Grijalva (@JRG1023) to talk Spurs, the joke that is rest-gate, Tim Duncan’s awesomeness, and more on the one and only Spurscast The original San Antonio Spurs Podcast.



Spurscast 343: 1-2-Kawhi is Coming for You

Happy Halloween, Spurs fans! Welcome back to the Spurscast and welcome to the 2014-15 NBA season. After a short summer full of international tours and selfies, the San Antonio Spurs finally began their title defense this past Tuesday against the Dallas Mavericks. The Spurs were missing two of their starters to injury (Kawhi Leonard – eye […]

Spurs 3

Report: San Antonio Spurs Waive Cotton and Davis

The San Antonio Spurs announced earlier today that they have waived guard Bryce Cotton and forward Josh Davis. With the entire championship roster intact and the addition of rookie Kyle Anderson,  neither Bryce or Josh had a realistic shot at making the Spurs roster. Bryce Cotton’s name was connected to several teams after the 2014 NBA […]


Spurscast 342: Western Conference Preview

The San Antonio Spurs begin their title defense on October 28th against their I-35 rival, the Dallas Mavericks. But are the Silver & Black still the best squad in the Western Conference? Will the West see a new top dog? Does Kevin Durant’s injury sink the Oklahoma City Thunder’s title chances? Will the entire Southwest division make the post-season dance? Will Melanie ever discover Todd’s true feelings for her!?!?

Benjamin Bornstein (@THE_BOOMSTEIN) joins hosts Aaron Preine (@DukeOfBexar) and Jose Grijalva (@JRG1023) to run through the teams and divisions of the incredibly tough Western Conference. If you haven’t done so already, check out our preview of the Eastern Conference as well (spoiler: The East is still awful).

Welcome to the one and only Spurscast The original San Antonio Spurs Podcast.



Spurscast 341: Eastern Conference Preview

Are the reborn Cleveland Cavaliers an instant lock to win the Eastern Conference? Will the conference ever manage to shed it’s pathetic “Leastern” nickname? While the tough Western Conference remains pretty much unchanged from the previous year, the East has witnessed a litany of moves. And with the 2014-15 NBA Season rapidly approaching, many questions still linger with both the top tier and the bottom feeders of the East coast.

Benjamin Bornstein (@THE_BOOMSTEIN) joins hosts Aaron Preine (@DukeOfBexar) and Jose Grijalva (@JRG1023) to run through the teams and divisions of the volatile Eastern Conference.

Welcome to the one and only Spurscast The original San Antonio Spurs Podcast.



Same Ol’ Spurs

The San Antonio Spurs broke the bottle Friday on the 2014-15 season and yet another attempt at the elusive back-to-back title, hosting the team’s annual media day. With a fresh title banner decorating the practice facility’s wall, the players posed for photos and took their turn through the gauntlet of recorders, cameras, and redundant questions. It was the most Spurs-like event you could […]


Spurscast 340: Almost There

In eight days, the San Antonio Spurs will officially open training camp for the 2014-15 season. The Spurs will host media day at the team’s practice facility next Friday and the full list of training camp names will finally be revealed. Will any surprise names be on the list? Will Aron Baynes finally accept the […]


Report: Free Agent Michael Beasley Working out for Spurs

According to sources available to Yahoo Sports, the San Antonio Spurs are working out free agent Michael Beasley this week at the team’s practice facility. The 25 year old forward has had workouts with various other teams this summer but has still yet to land a deal with his fourth different NBA team. Beasley was […]


Spurscast 339: Fan-isode

We’re still weeks away from the first wave of NBA life, but there is still plenty of action to discuss. Actually, there isn’t. Outside of FIBA Worldcup action, offseason news has been almost nonexistent and there is only so much time the topic of training camp bodies can fill. That and we’re also not looking to squeeze blood from a stone just on guys that you will likely never see on the Spurs’ regular season roster. So last week we came to you on our hands and knees, begging for questions to be sent our way.

This episode is all on you, listeners. Welcome to the first ever Spurscast Fan-isode. Hosts Aaron Preine (@DukeOfBexar) and Jose Grijalva (@JRG1023) take on the questions mailed in by San Antonio Spurs fans to the one and only Spurscast The original Spurs Podcast.



The Spurscast Wants You!

The Spurscast boys want YOU! More accurately, they want your questions concerning the Spurs, the NBA, and the upcoming season. Spurscast 339: Fan-isode will go live next Wednesday, September 3rd and they want you to do their work for them submit the thought or question that has been lingering in your brain over these past few summer months. Will health concerns in the […]


Spurscast 338: Play Dates

The 2014-2015 NBA season schedule was finally released on Wednesday afternoon and, much to the delight of the paranoid portion of the fanbase, the San Antonio Spurs will open up the upcoming season at home against division rival Dallas. The 2013-14 NBA Champions will also unveil their fifth banner and dole out new hand hardware to players and coaches on October 28th.

San Antonio also recently announced the contract extension of Tony Parker and the historic addition of WNBA star Becky Hammon to the Spurs coaching staff. Paul Garcia (@PaulGarciaPS) and Benjamin Bornstein (@THE_BOOMSTEIN) join hosts Aaron Preine (@DukeOfBexar) and Jose Grijalva (@JRG1023) to discuss all of this plus the conundrum of international ball and NBA players. It’s the one and only Spurscast The original Spurs Podcast.



Spurscast 337: Enter the Doldrums

NBA Free Agency is still rolling but the feeding frenzy is well over. LeBron James has gone back home to Ohio and veteran Pau Gasol went with his “instinct” in picking Chicago over San Antonio. The postseason scene in the Western Conference looks almost untouched but figuring out the playoff contenders in the East is still as confusing as ever. And while everyone else around the NBA is wondering if Kevin Love and Andrew Wiggins will trade area codes, Spurs fans are fretting what the Spurs are going to do with the 15th and final spot on the roster. There is also the hand-wringing over whether or not Manu Ginobili is going to play summer ball if he is medically cleared from yet another lower leg injury.

Benjamin Bornstein (@THE_BOOMSTEIN) joins host Aaron Preine (@DukeOfBexar) to yammer on about the long NBA summer. Welcome to the one and only Spurscast. The original Spurs Podcast. (more…)


Report: Kawhi Leonard Withdraws from Team USA

According to Mike Monroe of the San Antonio Express-News, Kawhi Leonard may decide to pass on training camp with Team USA this summer, thereby removing him from participation in the upcoming FIBA World Cup. Sources familiar with USA Basketball’s plans for the camp, scheduled to begin in Las Vegas on July 28, said the Spurs […]