Video: Craig Sager’s son interviews Pop

San Antonio Spurs head coach Gregg Popovich gave the familiar sideline interview that’s required of coaches for Game 1 of the NBA Playoffs against the Dallas Mavericks. This interview would be different as long time sideline reporter Craig Sager, who is battling leukemia, wouldn’t be showing off his bright suits on national television. It’d be Sager’s son, Craig Sager Jr, who’d be interviewing the often witty Spurs coach and Pop seemed to go easy on him while ending with a heartfelt message for Sager at the end.

Check out the video below.

Before Tip-Off: Spurs – Mavs ready for Game 1

AT&T CENTER – After having won four championships in his career, San Antonio Spurs head coach Gregg Popovich had this to say about whether or not he still gets nervous when the playoffs begin anew for his team each time: “If you don’t get nervous (for the playoffs),” said Popovich, “you’re dead.” “We’ve got to come […]


5 things to watch: Spurs vs. Mavs (Game 1)

The first-seeded San Antonio Spurs (0-0) will host the eighth-seeded Dallas Mavericks (0-0) this afternoon as the two teams get set to begin their postseason run. The Spurs finished their regular season with a 100-113 loss to the Lakers while the Mavs finished their regular season with a  105-106 to the Grizzlies. And as the […]


Spurs vs. Mavs: Predicting the series

With the San Antonio Spurs’ first round playoff series against the Dallas Mavericks tipping today, I talked to several media members and the staff of Project Spurs to get a good grasp of what the feeling was about this series. Their predictions on the series are below. Stephen Anderson, Project Spurs The Spurs have had […]


Rick Carlisle on Mavs’ defensive plan to stop Tony Parker

San Antonio Spurs’ Tony Parker has averaged 23.3 points, 5.7 assists and 2.3 rebounds in three games versus the Dallas Mavericks this past regular season. Needless to say, the Mavs will have their hands full against Parker tomorrow afternoon and Dallas head coach Rick Carlisle is hoping to contain No. 9.


Manu Ginobili says Dallas series will be tough

The West’s number one seeded San Antonio Spurs will open their postseason tomorrow against the eighth seeded Dallas Mavericks and while many are seeing this series end quickly with a sweep from the Spurs, guard Manu Ginobili isn’t taking Dallas lightly. Dallas still boasts players such as Dirk Nowtizki, Monta Ellis, Vince Carter and Shawn […]


Roundtable: NBA awards predictions

With the 2013-14 NBA regular season over, Stephen Anderson, Michael De Leon, John Diaz, Jeff Garcia, Jose Grijalva, Aaron Preine and Quixem Ramirez predicted the results of the six major awards. —— 1. Who is the NBA’s Most Valuable Player this season? Stephen Anderson: Kevin Durant. He had one of the best offensive seasons in recent memory. He […]


Revisiting my 21 bold predictions

When the NBA season was in its infancy — rather, before its infancy — I made 21 bold predictions which you can find here. That was ages ago. I revisited my predictions and, well, I didn’t fare very well. (Don’t shoot the messenger!) Feel free to make fun of me in the comments. Or not […]


Position by Position: Spurs vs. Mavericks

In the regular season, both the Spurs and the Mavericks played a solid ten man rotation. For the Spurs, sometimes that tenth man rotated based on matchups (Ayres, Baynes, and even Bonner every now and then). The Mavericks kept it pretty consistent, barring injuries. While playoff rotations are usually shored up a bit, we’ll take […]


Spurs vs. Mavericks: A Quantitative & Qualitative Preview

“What I do know, is we don’t have to think at all about what happened in the regular season,” said Manu Ginobili Wednesday evening, before finding out his team would be facing the Dallas Mavericks in the opening round of the 2014 NBA playoffs. “If we start thinking that, ‘Oh, we swept both (the Mavericks […]

Kawhi Leonard Regular Season Highlights Mix

With the playoffs starting this weekend we thought it would be a good idea to take a look back at the very best of Kawhi Leonard from the regular season.

Enjoy the mix!

We will continue tracking Kawhi Leonard into the postseason here at Project Spurs.

You can expect a specially dedicated highlight reel following every game specifically for one of the most exciting players in San Antonio Spurs history.

Stay tuned all postseason to relive every dunk and moment that Kawhi makes on his way to becoming the next cornerstone of the Spurs franchise.

Kawhi Leonard finished the season with an average of 12.8 points, 6.2 rebounds, 2.0 assists, 1.7 steals and 0.8 blocks. (more…)


Where does Manu matchup for the 6th Man Award?

San Antonio Spurs guard Manu Ginobili is considered one of the biggest threats on this team. Any Spurs fan would like to give the biased opinion of Sixth Man of The Year award to Manu, but, for this current season, is he the man that everyone is voting for? The answer is not necessarily. Ginobili […]


Spurscast 324: Western Conference Playoff Preview

The real NBA season has finally arrived much to the relief of anxious San Antonio Spurs fans. To no one’s surprise, the Western Conference is loaded with heavyweights and the Spurs’ path back to the NBA Finals will not be an easy one. In today’s podcast, Stephen Anderson (@andersonstevem) rejoins hosts Jose Grijalva (@JRG1023) and Aaron Preine (@DukeOfBexar) to predict the future of all the Western Conference playoff teams.

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Boris Diaw ‘dreads’ the Thunder in West playoffs

The San Antonio Spurs were swept by the Oklahoma City Thunder 0-4 this regular season. In the four games, the Spurs looked lost when facing OKC’s athleticism, and left many Spurs fans worried that the Thunder might be the team to up-end any title dreams heading into the postseason. Well it seems Boris Diaw shares the […]