Warriors’ Thompson calls the Spurs a ‘monster’

After pulverizing the Cavs, the Warriors are set to test their mettle against the San Antonio Spurs next week in what should be a preview of the Western Conference Finals.

Despite the Warriors keeping their winning ways going, the Spurs as well have been winning successive games to stay within striking distance of Golden State’s hold on the top spot in the NBA.

Which is something that serves as a reminder to the Warriors’ Klay Thompson who describes the Spurs as a “monster.”

“It pushes us,” Thompson told Yahoo. “It definitely makes us better, knowing that they’re behind us. They’re playing great. It’s going to be fun when we see them next week. There are some good teams behind the Cavs in the East, but not a monster like San Antonio. But that’s going to make us better, to be honest with you.”

Currently, the Spurs and Warriors are separated by two games, making their first meeting this season extremely important. It could mean the Spurs continue to gain ground on Golden State or Golden State pushes the Spurs back.

The Spurs and Warriors have been the cream of the crop this season in the league. Each been monsters for the league’s teams this season.

It is going to be a war come January 25. Which team will slay the monster remains to be seen.