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So Much Boban

If you follow me on Twitter you know that I am a Boban enthusiast. Any time the 7-3 rookie steps on the court my eyes are glued to the TV, and so much Boban happened in last night’s blowout win over Miami.

Let’s start with him knocking it down from the corner pre-game:

Now his highlight in which he hits three buzzer beaters and completely dominates elite shot-blocker Hassan Whiteside:

On to some ridiculous stats:

PIE is an estimate of the percentage of game events that a player achieves while on the floor, and the average is 10%.

In his limited minutes Boban impacts 19% of game events, behind only Steph Curry and Kevin Durant. He isn’t those guys, but this much skill, muscle and height makes Boban a basketball unicorn, and it’s rather unfair that the Spurs get to develop him.

PS: Bonus Boban postgame interviews: