David Robinson has some tough love for Howard, Cousins, says Spurs will give Warriors a ‘good battle’

Former San Antonio Spurs center David Robinson ranks among the greatest big men to play in the NBA. He helped guide the Spurs to two NBA crowns, was a true leader throughout his career and did whatever it took to make the Spurs better on the court. Whether it was to defer to Tim Duncan or change his role to a defensive stopper, Robinson knew how to best help the Spurs.

However, when it comes to two other NBA  – Houston’s Dwight Howard and Sacramento’s DeMarcus Cousins – Robinson says their team’s lack of team success simply comes down to lack of maturity on their part despite their basketball skills.

Speaking with ESPN’s Russillo & Kanell, “The Admiral” weighed in on Cousins and Howard’s lack of maturity.

 “To me that’s extremely frustrating. I saw Dwight [Howard] coming out of high school, his first couple of years in the pros, it looked like he was just going to go crazy and I was excited. He was one of those super athletic seven footers that I always prided myself on being one of those guys that can run and jump, so I was excited to see what he could do. I think it’s a little bit of immaturity.”

“Those guys haven’t learned how to get along with their coaches, their teammates. At some point you got to grow up. At some point you got to figure out how to help make this team better instead of being the center of attention. I got to make these guys better. ”

“Obviously, DeMarcus Cousins, super talented guy, the guy can do so much. But if you can’t build a team, then what good are you.”

That’s some tough love for the two big men but considering the source, it’s best they listen.

As for the defending champs, Robinson says the Spurs will be ready to give Golden State a good battle despite head coach Gregg Popovich saying they are “unsolvable.”

“If the playoffs started today, nobody is beating those guys but fortunately there’s a few games left, more time for our team to gel. we got some new players. Obviously, LaMarcus Aldridge has been a phenomenal addition. He’s just getting better and better every week.”

“David West was a great addition. I really like our team. We’re going to be in a great position at the end of the season to give them a good battle.”

The Spurs are still within striking distance of the Warriors for the West’s top spot but they just need to worry about themselves in the stretch-run of the season. Getting Duncan and Manu Ginobili healthy, letting Aldridge continue to flourish with the team and beating the team they should beat should be priority for San Antonio and not trying to catch Golden State.

Take a listen to the full interview below.