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20-20 Scoring Games from Leonard and Aldridge Increasing in Past 2 Months

AT&T CENTER – The San Antonio Spurs improved to 55-10 on the season Thursday with a 109-101 victory over the Chicago Bulls. In the victory, the Spurs’ two leading scorers, Kawhi Leonard and LaMarcus Aldridge combined for 55 points, as Leonard scored 29 points and Aldridge 26.

When going through the data, Thursday marked the 13th time this season Leonard and Aldridge have each scored 20 or more points in the same game together. The chart below displays the Leonard-Aldridge 20-20 scoring games this season, and as you’ll notice, the trend is happing more often in the Spurs’ past two months.

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Overall, when Leonard and Aldridge have had to score 20 or more points in the same game together, the Spurs have a record of 10-3. Two of those three losses came very early in the season back in November, when San Antonio fell on the road to both New Orleans (11/20/2015) and Chicago (11/30/2015). From January to March 10, the Spurs are 9-1 when Aldridge and Leonard score 20-20 games together, with the Spurs’ lone loss in that stretch coming recently on the road at Indiana (03/07/2016).

Diving into the last two months, back in February, the Spurs played in 12 total games, where Aldridge played in all 12 contests and Leonard only nine matches. So, of their nine games on the floor together in February, Leonard and Aldridge scored 20-20 games together in over half of those contests (55.5% of them). Today in March, the Spurs have played just six games through the month, where Leonard has played in all six games and Aldridge has only had to miss one game. In their five games together so far this month, Leonard and Aldridge have scored 20-20 games together in four of the five contests they’ve played in so far.

When looking at the scoring averages from February 1 to March 10, Leonard and Aldridge are becoming a consistent 20-20 scoring duo over that time period, and when compared to the other Top-4 teams out West (Warriors, Thunder, Clippers), Leonard and Aldridge’s success with the Spurs is the highest of any of those other duos during that timeframe, in terms of team record and point differential.

Timeframe: 02/01-03/10/16 Scorer 1 Scorer 2 Combined PPG Team Record Team Point Differential
Spurs Kawhi Leonard 23.6 PPG LaMarcus Aldridge 21.9 PPG 45.5 PPG 16-2 +9.7 PPG
Warriors Stephen Curry 33.6 PPG Klay Thompson 23.1 PPG 56.7 PPG 13-2 +5.1 PPG
Clippers Chris Paul 22.9 PPG J.J. Redick 17.9 PPG 40.8 PPG 9-6 +5.9 PPG
Thunder Kevin Durant 30.7 PPG Russell Westbrook 24.2 PPG 54.9 PPG 8-7 +3.2 PPG

On the surface, Aldridge’s points per game don’t look like that of the player who was scoring 23.4 points per game with the Blazers last season, but as you start to see the trends over the last two months, he’s not only scoring over 20 points per game with his new team, but he’s got another player by his side doing the same, while his team is still winning by almost double digits in these past two months.

The final test for this Spurs duo before the playoffs arrive will be to see how they fare against some of not only the top teams out West, but also opponents they could face in the first round of the playoffs. In their final 17 games of the season, the Spurs have to face the Warriors three times, the Thunder three times, the Clippers once, the Grizzlies twice, and the Jazz, Mavericks and Blazers once as well.

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