Tony Parker says he was ‘screaming’ at Danny Green during timeouts

With Game 1 done, the stage for redemption is set for the San Antonio Spurs.

And while the AT&T Center was not the only place that got hot (literally thanks to a busted air conditioner), Spurs’ Danny Green was struggling to find his shot to get hot from the outside during the first three quarters of Game 1.

Enter teammate Tony Parker.

The Miami Heat know Green too well.  During the Finals last year, he set a three-point record with 27 during the Spurs run.  Their gameplan was apparent, keep him away from where he is comfortable.

They did just that.  Green was forced to put the ball on the floor and when he did, it didn’t work out so well.  His mid-range game was not effective.

Parker knowing Green was struggling decided to light a fire under his teammate and the results were just what the Spurs needed in the second half.

“I was pushing him hard. I don’t know if you saw but every timeout I was screaming at him and encouraging him, and I’m very proud of him because you never know when he’s going to come and nobody said it was easy. Last year he was on fire but every Finals is different,” said Parker.

The talk from Parker seemed to have worked as Green hit two big shots for the Spurs in the fourth where the team offensively exploded.

When LeBron James exited the game due to leg cramps, the Spurs aggression was very apparent.  The head of the snake, the man that runs the Heat was not on the floor.  Spurs took advantage, and Green was a big part of that.

“And I told him after the game I was proud of him and you have to keep playing,” Parker said

Green finished with 13 points on 4-of-9 shooting from the floor and 3-of-7 from beyond the arc.

Michael Rehome

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