Anticipating what Miami will do differently in Game 2

For the first three quarters of game one of the NBA Finals, the Miami Heat and the San Antonio Spurs were trading blows.  In a game where we saw a team turn that turned the ball over 23 times and still manage to get a win to runs ignited by both teams, this is a series that many hoped and wished for.

The Miami Heat have a mark on their chest, there would be no other team that the San Antonio Spurs would want to face, given the way their season ended a year ago.  The Heat in game one came out with the first blow.  

Dwyane Wade whom has been rejuvenated this post-season put the team on his shoulders and looked like the player that was dubbed the nickname “The Flash”.  Wade scored 18 points on 8-of-18 from the field.

It was not what Wade and James did on the offensive end but what they did to disrupt the San Antonio Spurs on the defensive end.  Forcing a team to turn the ball over 23 times usually counts for a win, or leading to one.  Miami’s defense stepped up their game as they pressured the ball handlers of San Antonio.

Going in, Miami’s game plan everyone knew was to get the shooters off the three-point line and force them to put the ball on the floor.  It looked as if their plan was working early on.  San Antonio at times were rushed into making plays happen.

With the talk about Lebron James and his cramping which forced him to sit the fourth quarter while his team fell apart down the stretch, what could San Antonio anticipate them doing differently come game two?

Stay hydrated.  Old news already?

Look for Miami to continue to do what they did in game one.  They forced the San Antonio Spurs to speed their game up.  Miami will come out with more pressure on the ball, not let Tony Parker walk the ball up the floor to survey his next moves.  What they showed and proved was if they close-out on shooters and force them to dribble into the lane and settle for mid-range jumpers, that is a win for Miami.

Danny Green is a Miami killer.  He proved that in the fourth quarter as he scored eleven points in less than three-minutes.

It is no surprise to the Miami Heat that when the Spurs do start moving the ball around and every player touches it, good things usually tend to happen.  In game one, the Spurs with their ball movement assisted on 30 of their 40 field goal makes.

Knowing they had the lead with just under 4-minutes to go in the fourth quarter, and the turnovers they caused to San Antonio, Miami will be going into game two with as much of the same game plan as they did in game one.

Game two of the NBA Finals is this Sunday at 7:00 PM Central Standard Time at the AT&T Center.

Michael Rehome

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