When it comes to the Spurs, ESPN’s Mark Jackson gets it

Cleveland will reportedly land LeBron James and Kevin Love and suddenly the Cavs are picked to win the 2015 NBA Finals while the defending NBA champs – the San Antonio Spurs – are forgotten.

Sure, the Spurs more than likely like it that way, being under the radar, but once again, major media outlets are dismissing the Spurs as the new season slowly closes in.

But not ESPN’s Mark Jackson who wants to make it clear, he is not sleeping on the Spurs and warns others shouldn’t either.

Via the Houston Chronicle:

“I’m tired of looking into the crystal ball when it comes to the Spurs,” ESPN analyst Mark Jackson said. “Not just me, but we’ve all been wrong for quite a while now. We had ’em dead a couple of years ago. We’d had ’em dead after the Finals last year. Truth be told, they’re going to relevant and they’re going to be around for the foreseeable future.

“They have a bunch of Hall of Famers, they play the game the right way, and they’re led by an incredible coach, an all-time great coach, not just in basketball but sports in general.”

Preach on Mark. Preach on.