Welcome to the AT&T Center. Can I Get You a Drink?

There’s a reason the celebration closed down half of downtown.

According to mySA, during the NBA playoffs (May and June), the AT&T Center, home of your San Antonio Spurs became one of the most popular bars in the entire state. In fact, during May, the AT&T Center claimed the top spot. Across both months, more than 4.3 million dollars worth of alcohol was sold to fans.

Four point three million can buy you quite a bit. Instead of spending that all on alcohol, Spurs fans could have pooled their money and bought a private jet to take them to their own private island with a pet tiger to boot, or, you know, they could have bought one third of Chris Bosh’s LA mansion. Or if you’re feeling really edgy, you can just buy 330 pet tigers.

If that isn’t fun enough, then why not just booze it up? The average price of beer in North America is 4.74 U.S. dollars. With 4.3 million dollars, one could buy 907,173 beers. That might get you a little bit of a buzz.

Regardless, making the AT&T Center the best bar in Texas just shows how great San Antonio Spurs fans are. There are thousands of dive bars and nightclubs around the gigantic state we live in, but fans flocked to the AT&T Center for their entertainment, watching the Spurs run to their fifth NBA title.

Spending the money that they did shows their willingness to have some fun, but represent the great city of San Antonio for the team the whole city rallies around.

Thanks Spurs fans for being great fans. And drinkers.

Andrew Ball

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Andrew is a Texas A&M graduate and has written for ProjectSpurs since April 2014.