Video: Tribute to the Spurs will bring a tear to your eye

The San Antonio Spurs are just seven wins away from winning another NBA crown which could mean five titles during the Gregg Popovich, Tim Duncan, Manu Ginobili and Tony Parker era.

However, throughout the years, the Spurs have gone unappreciated, over looked, and scoffed at for their “boring” brand of basketball. Many focus on the individual and neglect the team concept of basketball. 

Yet here we are, the Spurs still standing and using team basketball to once again hope to capture a title cementing their place among the NBA’s greatest franchises. All this without egos, and a willingness to do what is needed for the team.

A video has captured the essence of Spurs basketball highlighting their success throughout the years. It is enough to make any Spurs fan shed a tear.

Enjoy this golden age of Spurs basketball. It is coming to a close soon.