Video: San Antonio restaurant strikes back at Charles Barkley with new burger in his honor

By now you know TNT’s Charles Barkley has been ribbing the city of San Antonio with comments about the city’s women and their weight. He has even gone so far as to emphatically state he isn’t apologizing for his comments about San Antonio women being “big ‘ol women.”

Well one San Antonio area restaurant has struck back at “Sir Charles” with a burger named the “Fat Mexican Burger” in his honor.

Chef Raymond Diaz of “Everybody Loves Raymond” restaurant is the creator of the burger monstrosity which is complete with lettuce, tomatoes, onions, cheese, rice, beans, a chalupa and two cheese enchiladas. Yikes!

Perhaps trotting out a burger packed with tons of calories isn’t the best way to shoot down Barkley’s opinion on San Antonio’s weight issues but he isn’t slim by any means as well.

Check out the video from Project Spurs’ good friends over at Fox 29 San Antonio. The San Antonio Spurs will face the Blazers tomorrow night in San Antonio.