Video: Mavs’ DeJuan Blair kicks Tiago Splitter in the head

The San Antonio Spurs and Dallas Mavericks were battling it out in Game 4 of their opening round series but it seems former Spurs forward, DeJuan Blair, might have forgotten what sportsmanship means.

Blair was tearing up his former club scoring 12 points, going 5-5 from the field and grabbing 10 rebounds when he got tossed for kicking his former teammate, Tiago Splitter, in the head late in the fourth quarter while the two were scrambling for the ball.

As if Spurs fans needed more ammo to dislike Blair since he left San Antonio (recall his remarks about the Spurs giving up on him, how he could have helped the Spurs win the title in 2013 and more), check out Blair introducing Tiago to the sole of his sneakers.

OK Spurs fans, let Blair have it. What do you think about his actions here Spurs fans?