Video: LeBron James and the rest of the Heat tragically die… on TV show ‘Louie’

Since the San Antonio Spurs and Miami Heat won’t tip off Game 1 of the NBA Finals until Thursday night and the fact you might be slammed with tons of Finals previews circulating the Internet, why not take a break from the avalanche of news and have a chuckle.

The FX comedy hit, “Louie,” decided to open a recent episode with the fake announcement of the death of the entire Heat team and LeBron James due to a hurricane slamming into Florida.

OK I never seen the show by comedian Louis C.K., but I’d like to know why the Heat were killed off. And I am sure, if it were true, it would make for the easiest title won by the Spurs or any team in NBA history… ever!

(H/T Crossover Chronicles)