Video: Kevin Durant Talks Spurs-Thunder Rivalry

Kevin Durant, the head of the OKC Thunder snake, spent the weekend doing what has become an annual event for him. That would be playing in yet another NBA All Star game, this time in New Orleans Louisiana. This is his fifth NBA All Star campaign.
During this All Star weekend, Kevin was asked about his views on a seemingly growing Oklahoma City Thunder-San Antonio Spurs rivalry.

"It's been a good rivalry..I wouldn't say it was a rivalry. We had some great battles with those guys. We respect them, they're a championship caliber team, somebody we're trying to be like. And Pop is just an unbelievable man, unbelievable coach. Our organization, we have a lot of Spurs guys in our organization as well. But at the same time, we want to beat those guys, but it's a friendly, nice competition and we enjoy playing against them."
It seems that Durant either doesn't believe it has become a rivalry to this point, or he is just downplaying it as we have seen and heard other players do in the past when questioned about team rivalries. But whatever the case, it is obvious that Kevin is respectful of the Spurs organization, rivals or not.