Video: Austin Daye looking to prove he deserves more playing time next season

San Antonio Spurs’ Austin Daye has played with four teams in his five seasons in the NBA and hasn’t really seen a whole lot of time on the court averaging a career 14.6 minutes. The same continued with the Spurs as he rarely saw action averaging 8.2 minutes in 14 games played after being traded from Toronto.

However, Daye is looking to change that next season.

While at the 2014 NBA Summer League, Austin spoke with TheW.tv and made it clear he would like to show what he can do at Vegas to demonstrate he can earn more court time.

Daye said he wants to show his versatility, rebounding ability, create open shots, move the ball and more. He also went on to say he is hoping to make San Antonio a home instead of being bounced around in the league.

Check out what Daye had to say and for more on how he did at the Summer League, click HERE.