Report: Tony Parker to become President of French team ASVEL

San Antonio Spurs’ Tony Parker has now become the majority share holder in French club ASVEL according to French site L’Equipe.

Parker, who served as the team’s Vice President of Basketball Operations, will take the helm of the team in May where he will become the club’s President after acquiring a majority of the shares.

“I decided to buy the whole club. Now I’m the majority shareholder and from the end of May I will be president of the Asvel “said Parker.

Parker, who played with the team during the 2011 NBA lockout, invested in ASVEL in 2009 and has dreams of making the franchise bigger and better considering this is the “golden age” of French basketball after Team France captured gold at the 2013 FIBA EuroBasket tournament.

“I started to have a real history with this club, I am involved in the City of Lyon, with my foundation, my basketball camps. I told myself that if I wanted to apply my vision, my philosophy, inspire me that I know the Spurs to only one benefits Asvel up there I had to be president to impose it all.”

However, Parker has not been fully happy with the club prior to owning the team. He has almost quit on ASVEL over the team not constructing a new arena. Something he is still trying to accomplish.

But Parker is ready to move forward.

“I am full of good intentions, I want to grow the club and talk basketball in France,” he says.