Tony Parker is the highest paid French athlete

San Antonio Spurs' Tony Parker is ranked the highest paid French athlete in a recent survey by French magazine Le'Equipe.

According to the survey, Parker grossed 14.2 million in 2013 making it the first time a French professional basketball player topped the list over a soccer player.

According to the survey, Parker's endorsement deals spiked 15 percent in 2013 as compared to 2012. Some of TP's deals include Tissott watches, PEAK sneakers, and HEB grocery commercials in San Antonio.

Among the list of the highest paid French athletes are Joakim Noah of the Bulls (No. 4) and Nicolas Batum of the Blazers (No. 6).

Parker is set to earn 12.5 million dollars this season with the Spurs and in his final contract season next year.

(via French site