Tony Parker is quite the idol in France

Tony Parker has come a long way when he was drafted by the San Antonio Spurs back in 2001.  At just 20 years of age, Parker was brought into a Spurs organization that knew exactly what they were looking for and at the start, patience with Parker was fading.  

For a young kid coming into a professional world and playing with an organization like the Spurs, there were a lot of building blocks and obsticales that he himself had to go through in order to get him on the same path that the organization was heading towards.

As they say, years past and four championships later, Parker is amongst the leagues top point guards and has been in numerous MVP in seasons pasts.  He continues to be the leader for the Spurs and with three rings underneath his belt, he not only has become a figure in the States, but what how he is treated in his native country France, you would think he was God.

As we have all watched Parker growing in the NBA and in his pressers, you never hear him take credit for what he is doing, he always acknowledges the team and how he likes to compete and bring more titles to San Antonio.  He does like the support that he is getting from everywhere in the states and knows the support his huge in his country.

Charles Barkley and Magic Johnson last season stated that Parker should of been named the best player of the season.  Parker did lead the San Antonio Spurs back to the finals in their quest for the organizations fifth ring.  I won't take you back down that frightful night but we all know what happened.

What Parker has done to solidify his talents and recognition in the league is winning three titles, he was named the 2007 MVP of the Finals and most recently, he led his France Team to their first ever gold medal in the European Championships, and also appearing in the NBA All-Star game five times.  He also was named the Sportsman of the Year 2013 Radio France by listeners and internet radio, in France.

The French website France Info sums up exaclty how many feel about Parker:

Regardless of how we analyze and interpret the popularity of Tony Parker in the United States , with three league titles, a trophy for best player of the finals in 2007 and five appearances in All Star Game, it already fulfills all criteria when deciding to integrate his career " Hall of Fame" , a famous basketball pantheon , closed circle involving 155 players at the moment. Enough to make a permanent part of the American sports legend .

He truly has become a fan favorite and a player that the team turns to.  There is so much that Parker does on and off the floor that can make for a debate of him being the best player in the NBA.  There have been numerous times that many have felt he should of been named the Most Valuable Player of the NBA.  As you can see, he does not hold grudges.  Parker simply goes back to work and tries to be better than he was a year before.

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