Tony Parker: Duncan, Ginobili will return next season

San Antonio Spurs’ Tim Duncan and Manu Ginobili are seeing the light at the end of the tunnel of their NBA careers. With the two logging in many years on the court and lots of mileage on their legs, some have been wondering if this could be Duncan’s last season as well as Ginobili’s.

Currently, Duncan is in his final contract year with San Antonio with him holding a player option for the 2014-15 NBA season while Ginobili has one year left on his contract.

However, it seems they both will play out their contract according to teammate Tony Parker.

In an interview with French site Basket-infos, Parker says No. 21 and No. 20 will return next season.

“I know they both have another year of contract. I know they will play next year, we’ll see. They both have good health. Pop is managing the body of players and maybe they will want to continue. In any case I hope to play as long as possible with them.”

This should be great news for Spurs fans who are dreading the day Duncan and Ginobili retire.

Duncan has stated he is not retiring after this season (shooting down George Karl’s statement) and with one more season left with the “Big 3” in tact, it will give the trio one more shot at a title together and perhaps a chance end the “Big 3” era in style.

So breathe easy San Antonio Spurs fans. According to TP it appears Duncan and Ginobili will suit up in black and silver for one last hurrah.