Tim Duncan is the greatest… ever! Agree or disagree?

What is greatness?  The dictionary definition is “the quality of being great, distinguished, or eminent.”  There are many players across the four major sports in America that have done certain things in their careers that could make a case of being the greatest of all time.

One player that does come to mind would be Michael Jordan.  Back in the 90’s, what Jordan did while with the Chicago Bulls transformed basketball.  Leading them to two three-peats, Most Valuable Player awards, scoring titles, you name it, he did it.

Every fan in those days would have never thought of a time, or even to this day, talk about when he decided to retire from the game.  After what he accomplished, did anyone ever think that we would be graced with a sort of ‘greatness’ like this again?

Tim DuncanAs the NBA Draft was approaching in 1997, San Antonio had the number one pick.  Once the lottery ball dropped in their favor everyone knew that the player that they were targeting was a lanky center from Wake Forest who was  labeled as being the most NBA ready prospect in College during his sophomore year.

With the number one pick in the NBA draft it was no surprise to anyone that the San Antonio Spurs did take Tim Duncan and from that point on, it began.  The Twin Towers years began as Duncan would have the opportunity to play alongside Hall-of-Famer David Robinson.  Though their first season together would not end as expected with Robinson being injured, the 1997-1998 season would a complete 180 for San Antonio.  With a healthy center at the helm in Robinson, and Duncan with a full season under him, they were considered a threat in the league.

Duncan and Robinson would arguably be considered the best frontcourt duo in the league.  They would lead the Spurs franchise to their first NBA title in the 1998-1999 season, a lockout year.  The start of that season would draw plenty of heat to the Spurs and head coach Gregg Popovich as they started the season 6-8.  Duncan was named the Most Valuable Player of the Finals.

april_4_duncan_robinsonFast-forward to April 2014 with Duncan now a four-time NBA Champion, two-time NBA MVP, three-time NBA Finals MVP, and NBA Rookie of the Year.  If that is not enough, he is also a 14-time NBA All-Star, and the only NBA player to be selected to both All-NBA and All-Defensive teams during his first 13 seasons.

So is that considered greatness?

Don Harris, News 4 San Antonio’s Sports Director made his Extra Point recently giving his reasons why Duncan is the greatest……ever.

“What we are seeing in San Antonio, we will never see again.”

In the video he says Duncan’s greatness is something the Spurs franchise has never seen in their 47-year history.

“This is about sustained excellence that demands attention.”

Harris goes on to talk about the greatness that Jordan, Wilt Chamberlain, Magic Johnson nor Larry Bird have seen.  Does he have you thinking?  Those are four of the biggest names that have ever graced the hardwood in the National Basketball Association.  Those four have achieved accolades of their own that anyone would love to get their hands on, or even be apart of.

Duncan is behind Lew Alcindor in NBA Finals appearances between seasons.  Alcindor is at the top with 19, Duncan 15,  Jordan and Bird, 8, Johnson is in the middle with 12.

The most astounding stat of them all has to be the amount of 50 win seasons and the impact that Duncan truly has had during his career with the Spurs.

Jaw drop?  It boggles the mind when you look at what Duncan has accomplished, individual awards aside.

Do you feel that what he has done thus far in his career be the meaning of greatness?  Now it’s your turn. Agree or disagree?

Michael Rehome

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