There’s a White House petition to keep Tony Romo away from Spurs home games

Dallas Cowboys’ Tony Romo has a reputation of being a bad luck charm. As a matter of fact, you might call it “The Curse of Tony Romo.”

Whether it be on the field for the Cowboys or as a fan at other games, it seems Romo in attendance spells doom for the home team. Just ask Duke, the Dallas Stars, the Mavericks or more recently, the Clippers where Romo was in the stands at the Staples Center and the Clips lost.

And with the San Antonio Spurs gearing up to face the Oklahoma City Thunder in the Western Conference, the last thing Spurs fans want is to see Romo at the AT&T Center and risk the curse striking the silver and black. As a matter of fact, one Spurs fans started a White House petition to stop Romo from stepping foot in the AT&T Center and so far, only 63 signatures have been collected.

Tony Romo hasn’t been a good luck charm for the Dallas Cowboys. In fact he has been somewhat of a curse in Dallas and for any home sports team he watches from the stands. This is well documented. Just ask Duke, Clippers, Dallas Stars, Dallas Cowboys, Dallas Mavericks even the TNT show Dallas. Here in San Antonio we want our Spurs to win the entire enchilada. Tony Romo will only bring his curse into the AT&T Center and his mojo will make the Spurs lose. In fact we should send him into Russia. That Putin mess would be so over. Please America let’s stand together and stop the Tony Romo curse. Go Spurs go!

It seems Spurs fans are taking no chances when it comes to seeing their beloved team make it to the NBA Finals for a shot at title number five.

Aside from this so-called “Curse of Tony Romo,” what about other superstitious things to you do Spurs fans to “help” San Antonio get the win? Wear the same socks? Sit in a specific chair? Eat the same meal?

If you want to sign the petition, click HERE.