The Spurscast Wants You!

The Spurscast boys want YOU! More accurately, they want your questions concerning the Spurs, the NBA, and the upcoming season. Spurscast 339: Fan-isode will go live next Wednesday, September 3rd and they want you to do their work for them submit the thought or question that has been lingering in your brain over these past few summer months.

Will health concerns in the backcourt sink the San Antonio Spurs’ chances at successfully defending their title? Is Kawhi Leonard still on the rise? What do changes across the NBA landscape mean for the Silver and Black?

Whatever the question may be, we want you to be in control of the topics of the next episode. Submit your questions to the Spurscast at Hirschof@gmail.com.

Are you a twit? Follow the guys on Twitter at @DukeOfBexar (Aaron) and @JRG1023 (Jose).

Aaron Preine

About Aaron Preine

Aaron Preine has covered the San Antonio Spurs since 2010 and is one of the hosts of the Project Spurs Spurscast.