The Future of Duncan and Popovich

For years and years, the speculation and rumors all pointed to Gregg Popovich and Tim Duncan riding off in the sunset together after their successful run in the National Basketball Association, whenever that day arrived.

As the NBA Finals come to an end sometime this week, Duncan and Popovich had heard those questions and rumors start to flare up again. However, it seems like the San Antonio Spurs will be able to enjoy at least one more season with the duo, and they may not retire at the same time.

Popovich has been direct when addressing his coaching future.

Tim Duncan, on the other hand, has kept silent about his future. The 38-year old veteran has just a few days after the Finals end to make a decision about his contract. Duncan has a 10.3 million dollar player option for next season, and has until June 24th to make that decision.

Given that Manu Ginobili has already said he will return to the Spurs next season, a chance at making another title run, and 10.3 million dollar bills, it seems likely that Duncan will pick up his option. Duncan has said that as long as he is productive, he would like to keep playing.

It’s inevitable that this dynamic duo will someday cease to exist. Whether or not it ends sooner rather than later is yet to be known, but June 24th definitely will give Spurs, and NBA, fans some solid clues.

So mark your calendars, Spurs fans. June 24th. It could give a couple more years of the Spurs we’ve known forever.

Andrew Ball

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