The 2013-14 San Antonio Spurs: By the numbers

Teams like the 2013-14 San Antonio Spurs — an altruistic bunch of 15 guys that personifies “team basketball” to the tee — don’t come around very often, if at all.

In honor of this truly special (magnificent? brilliant? insanely good?) basketball team, I broke down the 2013-14 Spurs — by the numbers.

0: players averaging 30+ minutes, the first team in NBA history
0: players averaging 20+ points per game, also a first in NBA history
1: Finals MVP for Kawhi Leonard, the third-youngest Finals MVP ever
3: different decades Tim Duncan won a championship in
4: titles for Manu Ginobili and Tony Parker, the most by foreign players in history
5: titles for Duncan and Gregg Popovich
6: straight games holding Miami to under 100 points
7: Kawhi smiles last night (unofficial count)
12: wins by 15+ points in the playoffs, another (of course) record
+14: The Spurs’ point differential during the Finals, breaking the record held by the 1965 Celtics
23: Finals wins in franchise history, fifth-most in NBA history
25: championship rings among the active man 15-roster
52.6%: Spurs’ field goal percentage in the Finals, a NBA record
55: 3-pointers in the NBA Finals, the most ever in a five-game Finals series
+57: Spurs’ point differential with Kawhi on the floor in Games 3-5
58: playoff games played by Kawhi in his first three seasons, tied for third most all-time
+70: point differential in the Finals, the most in NBA history
74.3%: Spurs’ winning percentage this season (including playoffs)
78: wins this season, the most in franchise history
+83: Spurs’ point differential with Manu on the court this series, a team-high
109: Heat bench points
118.5: Spurs’ offensive efficiency in the Finals, the highest since 1979-80
149: Playoff wins during the Duncan era (1997-98-present)
+182: Spurs’ point differential with Manu on the court this playoffs, a team-high
206: Spurs bench points
+214: The Spurs’ point differential during the playoffs, a NBA record
458: Heat points in the Finals
528: Spurs points in the Finals
1250: Heat passes this series, per SportVU
1723: Spurs passes this series, per SportVU

Stats courtesy of: Basketball Reference, and

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