Steve Kerr consulted with Popovich before accepting Warriors head coaching job

When you have multiple NBA Coach of the Year awards, considered one of the best NBA coaches ever, and have five NBA titles under your belt, it is safe to say many young NBA coaches would be wanting to pick your brain on any decision you make.

Consider Steve Kerr one of those coaches.

Kerr, the former San Antonio Spurs guard, and now head coach of the Warriors decided it be best to consult with Gregg Popovich before accepting the job. And of course Pop gave Kerr some sage advice.

Via The Sports Xchange:

“When I talked to (San Antonio Spurs coach) Gregg Popovich, who I consulted during this process, he said throw out the seeds. Doesn’t matter. The Spurs have been the top seed and gotten swept out (of the playoffs). Be consistent. Having a swing at the plate year in and year out — that’s what we want.”

Talk about pinpoint advice from Pop.

Indeed the Spurs have seen their fair share of postseason disappointment despite having one of the best records in the NBA. Recall San Antonio losing to the eighth-seeded Grizzlies when the team had the top spot in the West or when the Spurs lost to the Heat in the 2013 NBA Finals after they had the lead in Game 6 with seconds remaining.

These are the growing pains Kerr and the Warriors will have to endure.

They have a young, talented squad led by Stephen Curry along with Klay Thompson, David Lee, Andrew Bogut and newly added Shaun Livingston.

The Warriors are knocking on the door in the West and can be a power team. They will learn records don’t matter in the playoffs. How they finish is all that matters.

Just ask the Spurs.