Spurs’ versatile system clicking with healthy roster

The San Antonio Spurs are the leagues hottest team with the best record.  Many have wondered how this team could continue to be successful year in and year out.  It's simple.  The system.  The 'boring' Spurs as they are dubbed by many around the league, are on a seven game winning streak and have won 10 of their last 11 games since the All-Star break.

What makes the Spurs successful is the trust factor that these players have with one another.  Ball movement is the key.   What each player on the Spurs roster does so well is not holding the ball and going one-on-one with the defender in front of them a majority of the time.  

Tuesday night against the Chicago Bulls, the Spurs came out in the first quarter setting the tone with spacing and ball movement.  It all starts with the leader on the floor and that is the point guard, Tony Parker.  When Parker has the ball,  he does have options, and that is the trust that his teammates and coaching staff have in him.  He makes the decisions, he is the extension of Popovich.

As a team against Chicago, the Spurs assisted on 25 of their 40 made field goals.  That has not been anything new from this team during their streak.  Against the Cleveland Cavaliers on March 4th, they notched a season high with 39 assists.

What also contributes to their success is the constant movement and off ball screens from each player on the floor.  Not one player is static.  Everyone, has a job to do and it shows.

San Antonio is clicking on all cylinders.  They have their full roster healthy again, they are playing San Antonio Basketball.  This is the time to keep winning, with the style and the system they have, success will always be in there.

What better way to see the Spurs offense in action than with a video for all to see:



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