Spurs’ Tony Parker will not play with Team France during World Cup

This summer will be the World Cup in Spain but if Team France wants to have a good showing on the court, they’ll have to do it without their leader Tony Parker.

The San Antonio Spurs guard will not be participating in the tournament citing the need for rest according to head coach Vincent Collet.

“Tony Parker is not in the squad. (Coach) Vincent Collet and I want him to take some rest after many demanding campaigns with France and demanding seasons with his club,” the national technical director Patrick Beesley said in a statement.

Parker was named the 2013 European Player of the Year and led France to gold last summer in Slovenia. Since last summer, he had put on many miles on his body from playing with France to this season’s postseason run with the Spurs.

Needless to say, this is welcomed among Spurs fans who know the team goes as he goes and with some much-needed rest coming for No. 9 this summer, it may prove to be a good thing next Spurs season.