Spurs’ Tony Parker on his health, first-round opponent, regular season success and more

The San Antonio Spurs have wrapped up the top-seed in the NBA and are eagerly waiting to find out which team will fall at the 8th spot and face in the opening round of the West playoffs.

Currently, the Grizzlies will be facing the Spurs in the first round but to Parker, it doesn’t matter.

During his French radio show, Parker weighed in on the possible teams the Spurs could face, how it really is “championship or bust” for San Antonio this season and more.

Parker on facing either Memphis, Phoenix or Dallas:

Our opponent in the first round, it is not important.

Whatever happens in the West, it will be a difficult first round series. If you want to go to the Finals, you have to beat everybody. Memphis is a false 8th seed because they did not have Marc Gasol for a long time this regular season. Phoenix is ​​the surprise team. They are young, they play fast. There may also be Dallas, a team of veterans. A Texas series, it would be nice. We have the home-court advantage, but it does not guarantee anything. If you want to go far, we know that we must win out.

Parker on regular season success versus playoff success:

It’s good to be first in the regular season but that does not mean anything if we do not win the title. Now the real pressure will begin.

Parker on finishing the regular season:

We need to focus on us. We are in good health, I hope there will be no injuries in the last two games of the regular season. After that, the war will begin.

Parker on his health heading into the postseason:

Physically, I had ups and downs. This is normal after four years without a vacation. I pay the price. I focus on the playoffs now. I still have a lot of energy and I hope to have great moments with San Antonio.

Weigh in Spurs fans. What do you think about the first round opponent for San Antonio and what else Parker had to say?

(h/t French Site RMC Sport)