Spurs’ Tony Parker admits concerns of team peaking early

By Chelsea Torres, Project

The San Antonio Spurs’ 19-game win streak was snapped by the Thunder Friday night in Oklahoma City, 106-94. Any Spurs fan that pays attention to the game and the season knows that this streak was bound to end, whether it was to the Thunder or not.

But, were the boys from the Alamo City peaking too early? The heartbreak from the 2012 Western Conference Finals against OKC will always be in the back of the Spurs’ minds. The San Antonio Spurs went on a 20-game win streak with 10 being in the regular season and the other 10 to start the 2012 Playoffs. It was then, in round three against the Thunder that the Spurs won the first two games then lost four straight to lose the series 4-2. This is why peaking too early can cause a fear to the Spurs, or is that more of a concern for fans then the players?

Sunday nights game against the Memphis Grizzlies was a nice sight to see after the loss to the Thunder. However, in the first half G Tony Parker started having back spasms which led him to leave the game. Parker had an MRI the next day that revealed a sprained facet joint on the left side of his back. He is currently out until Thursday nights game against Dallas, he will then be day-to-day. With the Spurs almost clinching first place Parker may get the rest of the regular season off.

Recently, the Spurs PG spoke about the upcoming playoffs and admits he shares concerns of the team peaking too early during his French radio show.

“It is true, there is always a little fear we peaked too early,” admits Tony Parker on the TP Show

“The playoffs are coming soon. We did not play much with everyone. We had a lot of injuries this year. It has only [been] 17 games with five starting and all replacements.”

It is easy to say that Parker has a reason to be concerned about peaking too early, especially with this new injury. Ironically, this quote was said before the Grizzlies game. Going to playoffs this year will already begin as a tough road for the San Antonio Spurs.

The West is tough from seeds one through nine. The Spurs want to be playing their best basketball through each matchup during the upcoming playoffs. They don’t want to peak too early before the playoffs start because they will need their best basketball against teams like the Clippers, Rockets or the aforementioned Thunder. Tony Parker feels that with playing the best basketball you need all players to be healthy especially going into playoffs. Now, two years later with a team that could be one of the best in Spurs history, Parker wants the current team to stay healthy in hopes to win another ring.

Sure, you can say that the Spurs are peaking too early. But, the Spurs have players like, Timmy, Tony, Manu, and Kawow. So no, the Spurs are not peaking too early. They are just playing great unselfish, smart basketball. And, they just need to get a little bit healthier and rest a few guys before the real games start. Simple Pop strategy. The Spurs may have lost against the Thunder Friday, and it was the first loss since February 21st, but they have no intentions on letting that slow them down. They have 5 games left in the regular season, one including the make-up game from Mexico City against the Timberwolves; and, only one back-to-back. Pop knows how to conserve the Spurs’ energy for the games that matter most, and the rest of us will be in ‘awe’ come playoff time.

(Quote from French site