Spurs post job ad looking for new A/C operator

Game 1 of the 2014 NBA Finals between the San Antonio Spurs and Miami Heat became known as the night the AT&T Center’s air conditioning unit went kaput, creating a sauna in the arena.

Fans were sweating, players were drenched in sweat an of course, it led to LeBron James’ leg cramping late in the game with him having to exit for the night as teammates carried him off the court.

Fast forward to today and the Spurs have posted a job looking for a new A/C operator for next season.

Now before you start thinking this ad is related to the Game 1 incident, it’s not.

Anyone out there going to apply to the job? If so and you do get the gig, perhaps when James rolls into town, the A/C can be on the fritz again. I’m sure Spurs fans in attendance wouldn’t mind the high temperatures if it means a San Antonio win.

(h/t Fox Sports)