Spurs have top-ranked fan base

True fans are those that stick by teams during the dark times.  Those fans are cheering for the teams when winning, well just isn't happening.  

Mark Strotman of CSN Chicago wrote an article on the loyalty of local fanbases.  Though he was looking at where the Chicago Bulls sit, mentioned within the article was the San Antonio Spurs.

The Chicago Bulls rose to greatness back in the 90's when they possibly the best player to ever grace the floor in Michael Jordan.  The Bulls were 'that team' that could not do any wrong.  There were some bandwagon jumpers surely but during his article, the Bulls do not have the best local fanbase.

Who does?

If I told you that it happens to be two of the leagues smallest markets, whom would you say those teams are?  Oklahoma City Thunder and the San Antonio Spurs.  One and two respectively as having the leagues best local fanbases.

Both teams do not support any other professional teams within their citties so having the biggest fanbases in the league are not unusual.  

The findings that were found by CSN Chicago were first brought to light by Deadspin on Wednesday.  From that article, the percentages that were calculated were said to be measured by, "percent of population that watched, attended, or listened to the team in the past 12 months".

Oklahoma City (64%), San Antonio (60%), Miami Heat (53%), Dallas Mavericks (46%), and the before mentioned Chicago Bulls (45%) round out the top five in the NBA.

Now that you have seen the rankings, are you surprised by where the teams sit in the top five?  Spurs fans let us know.  We know you are very passionate about your Silver and Black.

Michael Rehome

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