Spurs fans react to Western Conference Finals series win over OKC

TNT sideline reporter David Aldridge ended his interview with Tim Duncan, seconds after the final buzzer, with something San Antonio Spurs fans have been waiting to hear for a year, “See you in the Finals.”

The Spurs are the Western Conference Champions for the second consecutive year, earning a shot at redemption against the Miami Heat in the NBA Finals. But, this was not accomplished without giving Spurs fans anxiety throughout the night.

After annihilating the Oklahoma City Thunder in Game 5, the Thunder was expected to play their best at home (a place the Spurs had been unable to win at) in a “do or die” situation. And, they did. The Thunder kept the game close by answering what seemed to be most of the Spurs’ shots. After the half, with the Spurs down by seven, news broke that Tony Parker would sit the rest of the game due to issues with his ankle. The Spurs, never afraid of adversity, seemed to feed off this as they readjusted and compensated in the third quarter in which they outscored OKC 37-20.

A huge factor of the night was the Spurs bench, lead by Boris Diaw who lead the team in scoring with 26 points. The greatness of the Spurs depth was proven again as they scored a whopping 51 points, opposed to OKC’s bench with five points.

The last few seconds of regulation seemed like an eternal frenzy with a crucial missed free throw from Manu Ginobili, a missed layup from Duncan, and a trip/turnover combo from Kevin Durant. OKC and San Antonio fans alike suffered through five more minutes of anxiety during overtime, which made the win so much sweeter for Spurs fans.

Once they had the chance to catch their breath, fans took to Twitter to answer the question, “How are you feeling after witnessing the Spurs win the Western Conference Finals?”

Here are their reactions as they were en route to either the closest Academy, downtown, or the San Antonio Airport:

“I collapsed on the floor.” – @Seanjake

“I feel amazing that we got a shot at redemption. I’M OVERJOYED!” – @jon123spurs

“That game sapped my energy for 2 days, I think.” – @legendarren

“Amazing win and heart! Never gave up, even when faced with adversity. Can’t wait to take care of unfinished business.” – @2ten210

Considering Parker’s injury, finishing the series in Game 6 was imperative in order for the team to get some much needed rest before starting their quest for revenge against the Miami Heat. The Spurs have had a year to prepare and have done so remarkably by conquering a challenging conference. Starting June 5th, the Spurs will show the world how hungry they are.

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