Spurs fans react to news of Serge Ibaka’s possible return

A plot twist was thrown into the Western Conference Finals Friday and stirred things up a bit for both parties. Oklahoma City power forward Serge Ibaka, who was expected to sit out for the remainder of the post season, was listed as day-to-day status.

As we all know by now, the San Antonio Spurs have been victorious over the Thunder by a considerable margin this series. Without Ibaka’s contending presence in the paint, the silver and black have dominated. In Game 1 alone, the Spurs had 66 points in the paint and according to ESPN, have shot 78 percent there for the series so far. In light of the Spurs’ 35-point blowout of the Thunder, it is hard to place the blame of losing entirely on Ibaka’s absence. MVP Durant and his team have simply been unable to keep up with the Spurs in more areas than one.

The late-breaking news of Ibaka’s possible comeback after the swelling in his strained calf suddenly and unexpectedly reduced created a buzz on Twitter. Some fans were shocked by the news while others claimed they expected this all along as a sort of ploy from the Thunder organization. Either way, San Antonio Spurs fans stand strong and undaunted by the threat of Ibaka.

Here is what they had to say about his possible effect on the series:

“It’s huge! Spurs now only win by 20, not 30… #GentlemansSweep” -@JeremyUrrutia

“Ibaka will challenge Spurs’ ability to score inside, but the Spurs are so well balanced, they can score and win in different ways.” -@need4speeDelara

“Depends on how effective he is. Maybe gives them a game but Spurs still take the series.” -@FrankyG

“It may sound like bad news for #SpursNation but if Ibaka can’t play with the same speed/pace of the game then he’s a liability.” -@TheSpursFan_

“Spurs in 5. We have so many more guys playing at a high level right now.” -@KyleWorthey

“Doesn’t change [the] outcome of the WCF. His absence provides a nice excuse for losing but doesn’t explain the Spurs’ total domination.” -@BisonStarsSpurs

“Team emotion is about the only thing it’ll help with. But I doubt that can stop 20+ point blowouts…that’s just me.” -@austinwheless

“I had #Spurs in 6 but now #Spurs in 5 w or w/o Ibaka. They’re just playing lights out right now. Defensively and offensively.” – @jon123spurs

“One guy doesn’t make the difference. Their MVP should be all they need however that’s not the case. Spurs in 5. #gospursgo” -@Jej83

If the long break between Games 2 and 3 didn’t intensify anticipation enough for Sunday, this new drama surely has.

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