Spurs fans react to Game 7 win over Mavericks

Remember when I said the San Antonio Spurs spikes would be “nicely sharpened and ready to urge the Mavs into the direction of their vacations” Friday night?

Well after pulverizing the Mavericks 119-96, that was a bit of an understatement.

The Spurs didn’t just “urge” the Mavs, they shot them onto the piers of the nearest beach like the Coyote launches t-shirts into the AT&T Center stands.

As I’m sure you all know, the Spurs led by as many as 31 points whereas the Mavericks led by as little as two, just two. Even with this great advantage, there was still enough drama to keep fans on the edges of their seats thanks to hard fouls and some “friendly” conversation between Tony Parker and the now strongly disliked Mavs’ Dejuan Blair.

Considering my last post, San Antonio fans were confident the Spurs had game seven in the bag but did their expectations meet the beautiful blowout that became game 7?

Here is how they sounded off minutes after the game via Twitter:

“Hmm, I believe my pregame expectations were more than met and and blown out of the water just like Dallas was from the AT&T Center.” -@TheCrunchySopa

“I felt certain the Spurs would take care of business today and I’m glad they did that with this blowout!” -@katiebelltx

“I expected the Spurs to win but not in this fashion!! Hope they carry this momentum to the Portland series!!!” -@texastoutah512

“I expected that display and a win. This kind of blowout, NO.” -@satscribe

“A blowout? No. The Spurs were going to bring it, but the way Dallas has played, I thought it was going to be much closer (8-12pt).” – @Chill_Will

“[I] had a pretty strong confidence in us advancing to the 2nd round, but never did I imagine a victory of THIS magnitude.” -@levoyelle

“Yes I was expecting the Spurs to blow them out, they’re defending their home and determined from the last game. It was time!” -@jesscobedo13

“I was expecting one of these games, thank god it came in the one that mattered.” -@matt194z

“Not at all. I knew they’d win, but damn. Total onslaught. They hadn’t had a game like that all series so I guess it was due.” -@JayP_Lugo

“Well I said in game 1 that the Spurs are going to blow them out at some point, it just so happened to be today.” -@JPequalsAwesome

A surprise blowout was a great reward for the fans after suffering through seven games of Vince Carter threes and Blair’s unsportsmanlike antics.

I’m sure I speak for all of Spurs Nation in saying I hope this fire and tenacity carries over into round two with the Portland Trailblazers.

Until then, GO SPURS GO!

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