Spurs fans react to Game 6 loss

It was a sad night in San Antonio as San Antonio Spurs fans watched the Dallas Mavericks tie the series 3-3.

Before the game I asked fans via Twitter for game six predictions. My intention was to write this post from a sort of “ask and you shall receive” angle, counting on a Spurs win.

Here are some of the tweets I received:

“Edge it out in OT, Dallas won’t go down so easy but Spurs got this.” – @Valdez_Tho

“Spurs win by 5 and advance to the 2nd round.” -@K34H

“Business as usual, they know what needs to be done! It’s time to get nasty!!!!” -@Ian_SoloDolo

“I expect the atmosphere to be nuts in the American Airlines Center, but nevertheless, the Spurs stay poised and finish this series.” – @TheCrunchySopa

After a topsy-turvy first quarter in which the Spurs were outscored 34-26, I decided I should change my idea to write this post as a way to exhibit just how devoted Spurs fans are, through and through.

So at the half, with the Spurs down by six, I asked for an update from fans to see how they were feeling.

“Feeling good. We’ve got this.” – @kramsta1

“Proud of Kawhi Leonard and Tiago Splitter for being a driving force of Spurs’ spirits tonight.” – @analisa_nicole

“We should be down by more! We’ve got this.” -@c_lop02

“Feeling really really good!! Guys have them right where they want them!!” -@ATXANT10

I honestly expected to find tweets with a bit more negativity in my notifications, considering the score. After the half, the Mavs extended their lead to 11, their largest of the game. But, it was short lived as the Spurs tightened up and took the lead.

Countless turnovers, fouls, and lead changes for both sides later and the final seconds of game six were on the clock. The Mavericks were not letting up and our lead was non-existent but hope from the Spurs fans was not.

With 20 seconds left and the Spurs down by six, Twitter was fired up with tweets, mostly assuring each other there was still enough time. Let me remind you that in other cities this is around the time fans start making their way towards the exit signs of the arena. Two buckets from the three point line courtesy of Patty Mills and Danny Green attested to the sentiment of “enough time”as the Spurs closed in on the lead, 111-113.

Unfortunately, the silver and black needed more than .4 seconds to come out on top and end the series.

Needless to say, Spurs fans were all feeling disappointed as we hoped the team would be moving on to the next round as of last night. No one wanted to see a game seven. Game sevens have left a bad taste in our mouths considering our last experience with one. Nevertheless, Spurs fans showed their unwavering support, even after defeat. This was the outcome of a “Predictions for game seven?” tweet:

“Spurs win and Dallas cries home.” -@Matt1JG1

“101-88 Spurs win.” – @jmspurs

“Spurs bounce back at home, no doubt!” – @erikadb37

“The entire bench shows up along with the Big Three and we thrive under pressure to win big.” -@tymad7

“Spurs close out the series. Put Mavs away early in 3rd or early 4th.” – @Batmancanseeyou

“Spurs run ’em off the three point line. Beli has a breakout game, is key. Blair exhausted from game six is minimal. Spurs win game seven by 7+” – @BisonStarsSpurs

“The Big Three power the Spurs to the second round with a vintage 4th quarter rally to send the Mavs fishing.” – @jon123spurs

We may not have “SFFL” in bold lettering plastered across our chests to prove our life-long love for the team but I think we have something better…bold actions. Actions like waiting at the airport for the Spurs’ arrival till the wee hours of the morning to give them a warm welcome home.

Even after last year’s heartbreaking loss, Spurs fans came in swarms to the airport fence the next day, just to make sure the boys knew our support was present. And of course, flooding the streets of downtown to honk and rally because the pride is too much to be contained under a roof. Win or lose, Spurs fans stand undivided.

Lastly, let’s not forget the definition of a spur, “a device with a small spike or a spiked wheel that is worn on a rider’s heel and used for urging a horse forward.” Come Sunday, the Spurs spikes will be nicely sharpened and ready to urge the Mavericks forward into the direction of their vacations.

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