Spurs fans react to Game 5 win vs. Mavs

By Madalyn Mendoza, Project

San Antonio Spurs fans were content with a game four win but judging from Tuesday night’s Twitter activity, they still wanted a hotter fire from the bench.

The Spurs granted their wished by shutting down the Dallas Mavericks 109-103, taking a 3-2 series lead last night. The Spurs bench made up for 79 of those 109 points, an improvement from 50 points in game four, and an even greater one from game three when they scored only 33 points.

Aside from vamped up bench productivity, many joked the hit Tiago Splitter took to the head Monday night “kick started” his performance for game five (pun intended.) Splitter had a solid night with a total of 17 points, a bit of surprise considering he started the series scoring single digits and averaged 8.2 points per game during the regular season.

It was also a big night for the “Big Three,” in classic Spurs fashion. But it had been a big day for Tony Parker who became a new daddy yesterday. Parker reportedly got no sleep Tuesday night yet still managed to score 23 points on pure adrenaline and a grade one sprained ankle.

So to bring this story full circle, Project Spurs asked fans via Twitter to chime in on how they felt as the game 5 clock struck zero and what they thought led the Spurs to victory. Here are a few of their responses:

“Spurs [are] looking like the Spurs team that won 62 games this year!!!” – @texastoutah512

“Spurs basketball was in full display tonight. In other related news, Tiago is a monster.” – @TheCrunchySopa

“Definitely Tiago. The man was a beast out there. By far his best performance ever.” – @jon123spurs

“They stumbled early in the series but they’ve righted the ship.” – @raidthanfl

Needless to say, Spurs Nation has spoken. These tweets were just a small portion of  the Spurs frenzy that continued well after the game in the Twittersphere.  And as expected, Splitter’s dominance was a common theme and satisfaction from the Spurs finally getting back on track was a common sentiment from fans.

Now that the Mavericks have been forced into a do or die situation, it is no doubt they will leave their locker room in Dallas on Friday night ready for a showdown. Tensions will be high and the atmosphere will be hostile. But, if the Spurs continue to fight with the same hustle they brought in game five and find a way to limit Carter’s threes, they could roll back down I-35 with a series victory.


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