Spurs fans react to Game 4 loss

Faced with a “win or go home” game situation, the Portland Trail Blazers made it clear they did not want to stay home. After winning game four, 103-92, they live to die another day. Many San Antonio Spurs fans are counting on that day being Wednesday.

After the Spurs pulverized the Blazers for the third time Saturday night, the idea of a sweep became a possible reality; of course, Spurs fans loved it. Although the brooms had to be put back in storage, fans are not the least bit worried about the series. A strong fight was expected from the Blazers for game four and that is exactly what we witnessed. With the Spurs back at home Wednesday night, fans are expecting the team to end the series and send the Trail Blazers on their trail back to Portland.

Here is how the Spurs world reacted to the question, “What adjustments need to made for the Spurs to bounce back and pull off a ‘gentleman’s sweep?’” after last night’s game via Twitter.

“Just retool and refocus. Play better defense more and play with more energy.” -@CrezyRezy

“Get Tim and Kawhi more involved, they can get whatever they want. And knocking down threes helps too.” -@Malek_Brown

“If Tony doesn’t have a big night then we rely on our shooters for big runs, we simply need our shooters to be on their game.” -@theandrewnava

“Set the tone early. Tony Parker is the key that makes the Spurs run. He needs to help get the shooters easier looks.” -@Chill_Willll

“Keep Portland off the offensive boards. Spurs hitting their threes wouldn’t hurt.” -@SJROB300

Game five, another elimination game for the Trail Blazers, will surely be an interesting watch. Hopefully Spurs fans will get what they want – energy, more shooter productivity, and points from the three point line.

Madalyn Mendoza

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