Spurs fans react to Game 2 win over Thunder

The San Antonio Spurs have done it again. They have annihilated the Oklahoma City Thunder 112-77 for the second consecutive time this series, owning it 2-0.

Not only did the Spurs inch one step closer to a chance at redemption, the “Big Three,”  have now passed Magic Johnson, Kareem-Abdul Jabbar, and Michael Cooper from the Lakers for the most NBA Playoff wins as a trio with 111 victories.

And they made number 111 a great one. After facing a 17 point loss in game one, a fierce comeback was expected from the Thunder. But, last night’s even larger 35 point loss has painfully proved those expectations wrong.

The Thunder did enjoy a greater lead in game two with five points as opposed to game one when their greatest lead was two. But their attempts were futile in the face of the Spurs Death Machine, with each of its parts working together in lethal harmony.

One part of the machine OKC may have overlooked was Danny Green, who became known for this productivity at the three point line last post season when he broke the record for the most three pointers made during an NBA Finals. Close to the end of a shaky first half, Green found his rhythm and began draining threes. That momentum did not dissipate during halftime and the Spurs continued to dominate during the third quarter.

As soon as the the match up for the Western Conference Finals were set this year, the 2012 Western Conference Finals began being mentioned amongst professional and amateur analysts alike. Those in favor of the Thunder used this heartbreak for the Spurs as the basis for their arguments that history would repeat itself in 2014. Since the past is being brought up, let’s add some information to the comparison. In game six of the 2012 Western Conference Finals, Kawhi Leonard scored five points and had two rebounds. Monday night he scored 16 points and had 6 rebounds. Also looking back to 2012, Danny Green played under four minutes and ended the game pointless. Last night, he played 28 minutes in which he racked up 21 points, coming in as the second highest scorer of the night behind Parker with 22. This San Antonio team is not the same one the Thunder was able to eliminate two years ago. The next time the 2012/2014 comparison is made, these stats should be taken into consideration.

On the topic of stats, here is another one – according to, the Spurs have won seven of their last eight games by a margin of 21.9 points. Project Spurs wanted to know if fans thought this momentum will carry over during the road games in Oklahoma City. As usual, Spurs fans brought together by Twitter had plenty to say.

“In the words of my boy Kawhi… ‘Indubitably,’ ma’am.” -@TheCrunchySopa

“I think it will. But I expect OKC’s bench players to play better at home. Spurs need to get at least one on the road.” -@AmazingCraniel

“Game 3 is a trap game. Can’t relax. OKC’s crowd will be deafening. Spurs will have to go in there and quiet them, quickly.” -@tiesNchanclas

“Yes! Spurs are focused and determined. It’s a totally different Thunder team…we’ll be ok!” -@buddha2774

“Here’s hoping so since G3 is 3 days away, that’s enough time for Scott Brooks to think of a game plan.” – @avelarde2

“I believe so, but also being down 0-2 you know OKC will treat game 3 like a game 7, it shall be a very good game.” -@Valdez_Tho

Fans will have to wait till the this weekend to see if their predictions hold true. So Spurs Nation, you have this waiting period to make sure that all “lucky t-shirts” are washed and ready to go and all game watching buddies are assembled in time for the 7:30 tip-off Sunday night.

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