Spurs fans react to Finals Game 1 win

Aron Baynes recapped Game 1 best with his short and sweet Tweet, “Great win tonight, fought through the heat haha #PunIntended #GoSpursGo.”

The San Antonio Spurs beat the Miami Heat and the 90-plus degree heat last night in the AT&T Center to open the series with a tally in the “W” column.

In an odd turn of events, the AT&T Center’s faulty air conditioning system earned its spot in the headlines along with the team as reports from media in the arena began tweeting the conditions. Our own Jeff Garcia described the situation via Twitter, “very hot. we r [sic] boiling.”

The teams weathered the indoor weather, cooling off on the sidelines with soaked towels and ice packs. Down 79-86 in the fourth quarter with an embarrassing amount of turnovers, the Spurs began to turn up the heat even more in the arena as one of the Heat’s best, LeBron James, turned down on the bench due to leg cramps. The Spurs may have saved themselves from a loss by redeeming themselves from the three-point line. Danny Green, a key player in the late turnaround, began dousing the Heat with back to back three pointers, a dunk, and yet another three. Sweaty fans in the arena were rocking as the the Spurs closed the final quarter on a 31-9 run.

Twitter was active all day and well into the game but exploded with Spurs fandom as James was carried to the sidelines. Spurs fans took time from viral memes and Vines to react to the Fan React question, “With 22 turnovers for the Spurs, what do you think was the game changer that lead them to this win?”

Much commentary from the opposing side pinned the lack of air conditioning for their loss, but Spurs fans had a different story to tell.

“Game changer: Looking for the open man and making a decent pass to the man in the 4th quarter.” -@drakecaudill

“Danny Green hitting shots!” – @satownsfinest24

“Much poise ‘n good execution through most of the 4th is what changed the game. All this despite the terrible, costly turnovers earlier.” – @TheCrunchySopa

“Shooting over 50% from 3 pt land, more bench points, rebounds, and assists helped us overcome those turnovers.” – @youdontknowbang

“Green…he was critical last year in their wins. Once he heated up, they stuck the dagger. Splitter was key in keeping them in it.” – @raidthanfl

“Both teams played antsy tonight but the second half the Spurs played within the system not forcing anything. Plus Gr33n got hot!” – @_TheSpursFan_

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