Spurs Fans react to a Game 4 win

Thursday night, the San Antonio Spurs did something many expected could not be done, especially not against “the” Miami Heat. As LeBron James put it, they “smashed” his team for the second consecutive time.

After suffering through the brutal beating the Spurs handed them in Game 3, the Heat were expected to be prepared for a strong come back, relying largely on the stat that they have not lost consecutively in the post season since the 2012 Finals. Unfortunately for the Heat and their fans, the Game 4 final score of 107-86 proved that the Spurs may have prepared just a little bit more.

With every active Spur producing, from Tim Duncan to Jeff Ayres, Project Spurs was curious as to who fans thought was the “x-factor” of Game 4.

“Boris. Almost triple double. Insane.” – @SpursfanSteve

“Boris Diaw has been the X factor every game the minute Pop started him in place of Splitter.” – @Rennnyrunner

“How about the entire team. Patty with big 14 points off the bench.” – @SJROB300

“Not a single person, but the team altogether. Great ball movement & effort from everyone. #SpursNation.” – @arron_pierce

“The Spurs as a whole. Everyone was on their A-game. I was impressed at some point with everyone. Literally.” – @2ten210

With the Spurs up 3-1 in the series and playing Game 5 at home, there is a chance the world could have a new NBA Championship team as early as tomorrow. For the Heat to manage a comeback at this point would be historical.

Heat fans argrument? “We’ll make history, we’re the two-time champs.”

And the Spurs’ fans? “The Heat haven’t looked like the champs lately.”

For the past two games, the Heat has been left looking baffled in the frenzy of Spurs’ crisp ball movement and somewhat afraid of the sleeping monsters that have been awakened, Kawhi Leonard and Boris Diaw.

As the whole world knows by now, this is not the first time the Larry O’Brien trophy has been within grasps. After last year’s heartbreak, fans have been cautious of becoming overly excited and have remained focused, in true Spurs’ fashion. But, after Thursday’s shocking annihilation of the Heat, hysteria swept over Spurs fandom as the thought of a fifth title, something that has been yearned for since 2007, became a very possible reality. Mentions of championship parades and MVP Finals nominations filled Twitter timelines. Project Spurs wanted to put fans on the record as to who they believed deserved to win Finals MVP should the Spurs win the Championship. Here is how they reacted to this Fan React question,

“Boris and Leonard are right up there for MVP.” – @Evol210

“Tim Duncan. He’s been the most consistent, however, if Kawhi has another game like games 3 & 4, his name should be in the mix.” – @Joshx13_

“Tim Duncan, he’s done an amazing job this year.” – @katiegarza_03

“Kawhi gets the nod which would be symbolic of the #Spurs new face of the franchise. We wouldn’t be here without his D. #GoSpursGo” – @_TheSpursFan_

“Kawhil Leonard should be the Finals MVP, he’s the defensive anchor and his offense has exploded at the right time. #GoSpursGo” – @youdontknowbang

All eyes will be on Game 5 tomorrow night as the Heat stand on the brink of relinquishing their title to the league vets. Analysts and spectators have the game pegged out in numerous ways. But, predictions from the Spurs fanbase are simple; glory.

“Finishing some #UnfinishedBusiness. #GoSpursGo” – @BpinTX

“#Spurs will break the #Heat’s will.” – @mikewu43

“Spurs win. #GoSpursGo” – @spursgirl21

“We win. #SpursNation” – @DXTR210

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