photo via Billy Calzada - Express News

San Antonio artist uses Popovich as his muse to create ‘Pop Art’

San Antonio Spurs head coach Gregg Popovich has been called many things. From “grumpy,” “sarcastic” to “curmudgeon,” but this might be the first time someone can call Pop his muse.

A local San Antonio artist,  Jorge Villarreal, is a huge fan of Pop and has featured him in his recent piece called “Pop Art.”

“He’s a big San Antonio idol,” Villarreal, 28, said. “Everyone loves Popovich and admires him and his commitment to the team.”

photo via Billy Calzada - Express News

photo via Billy Calzada – Express News

“I said, ‘I’ve got to do one of these of Gregg Popovich because of his last name and to support the Spurs,’” Villarreal said. “It’s very pop arty, Andy Warholish.”

Of course the photo depicts Pop looking quite intense with mouth agape and now the people of San Antonio who drive by the art piece can get to feel first-hand what it is like to have Pop scream in their face.

Who knows if the artist will have other works of art featuring Pop. I would like to see one of him smiling from ear-to-ear as he did when he joked with Shaquille O’Neal.

As for future art work featuring the Spurs, Villarreal say more may be on the way.

“I would love to,” Villarreal said. “There are no limits. I’m always brainstorming different ideas.”

Perhaps if Pop takes a look at himself it may make him crack a smile. If that does happen, hopefully it can be captured on canvas.